When something needs to be moved fast and well over far distances so that it arrives by tomorrow or as short a time in transit as possible, expedited shipping is the go-to service for all types of businesses. Whether its documents, parts, supplies, goods, finished materials or key unique components, expedited shipping incorporates multiple unique services for the most critical combination – getting a product where it needs to be fast, safe and intact.

For a global economy, expedited shipping is even more complicated. It has to get through borders, import and export controls, shipping hazards enroute and through a maze of languages, cultures, networks and markets. That requires special expertise versed in international shipping, as well as its challenges. Paperwork and tariffs in particular can be extremely risky, stalling shipments for months if not done correctly or with the right offices. So, expedited shipping internationally is as much about speed as it is skill and knowledge of which channel to use when.

Connections and Relationships Win Out

Delay is almost guaranteed for anyone stumbling their way through international expedited services. And even standard domestic expediting can end up being far too costly just defaulting to brand names. There is a huge field of dependable suppliers and resources available for fast shipping that is effective and reliable. However, one has to know how to connect with the right one for the right job. That’s where a freight broker focused on expedited shipping services makes a huge difference.

Even with domestic services, local shipping can seem even harder than going cross-country at times. Health product deliveries tend to be the most vivid example where this problem occurs. Many times, expedited health shipments are critical for test results, product delivery for patient treatment and more. Every hour and minute can literally mean someone sick getting worse. Yet, ironically, the U.S. markets find themselves in the same situation as half-way around the world, trying to solve crossing distances across a region or even a city as difficult as crossing the Grand Canyon. 

Standard Commercial Names Don’t Mean Best Choice

Yes, as noted earlier, there are brand-name services everyone is familiar with for expedited shipping. However, they are primarily intended for small packages and document shipping for next-day delivery. Once the shipment needs to move into freight and large-size concerns, or the same combined with safety, sensitivity, protection of cargo and security, most of the brand-name services don’t offer service support, or they charge an outrageous cost for entertaining the related business. Worse, they frequently can’t combine the same service in an expedited fashion, needing more time to navigate their own system for delivery. Again, a freight broker has access to bona fide experienced shippers who can handle large-size freight orders with expedited delivery as well. Brokers simply have a wider connection to a broader market, and through their relationships are able to leverage more resources that are specifically responsive to client needs.

You Won’t Find the Best Expedited Shipping Services on a Search Engine

A good amount of disruption has happened in the last few years, peeling off the facade of many services touting fast shipping yet not really delivering the same consistently. Yet, those services that consistently worked behind the scenes building up their networks, connections and expediting channels functioned dependably. These resources are the ones that freight brokers take advantage of on a regular basis for their clients. They aren’t available on a quick Google search or TV commercial. Instead, they work business-to-business and operate on open freight brokering markets, dealing with shipping experts for the most efficient management of expedited shipping possible. So why shouldn’t your business enjoy the same benefits too? It’s quite possible if a company is willing to go beyond name association and instead let freight brokerage experts do their job.