Business analysts can prototype creation, manage workflow, use case analysis, document business requirements, better sort, collect and collaborate data with the help of business analysis tools. In present times, business requires to keep track of their strategy and performance in order to grow. For this purpose, there are several business analyst tools. Employee productivity can improve with one or a combination of these tools. Any informative Business Analysis Certification will brief you on the kinds of tools that are used in the process of planning activities associated with business analysis. 

  1. Trello 

Trello is a tool of business analysis for teams to share information, communicate and collaborate securely. 


  1. It enables the admin to evaluate the business data. 
  2. This tool delves into the features by adding attachments, comments, and more straight to Trello cards. 
  3. It can export all the history and data with one click. 
  4. With the help of Trello, one no longer needs to worry about losing the history of their work while deactivating old members. 
  5. This tool allocates admins for managing the privacy settings. 
  6. One can associate and organize boards with Collections. 
  7. It also enables business analysts to add members from their Google Apps account. 
  8. They can access the activities of the business analyst teams across boards. 
  9. One can sync all their devices and thus have secure participation with teams. 
  10. QAComplete

One of the business analysis tools used for the purpose of testing is QAComplete. This web-based tool is rather flexible, for it can be used for every methodology of testing that has been used in the most recent times. 


  1. QAComplete maintains log modifications that are made to test cases.
  2. It helps to plan the process of testing for full visibility.
  3. It also shows traits of traceability reports and matrix.
  4. An easier integration is offered with Soap UI, Selenium, Rally, TFS, and Jira. 
  5. It defects tracking and logging. 
  6. The test case management of QAComplete is centralized. 
  7. The execution of the test can be easily managed. 
  8. Abacus 

Abacus is a business analysis tool for business process management. Its focus is on the amplification of customer satisfaction and the minimization of the price of managing projects. Abacus helps business analysis govern projects in a methodical and precise manner. 


  1. It is valuable software for business analysis in order to manage a variety of IT governance strategies.
  2. The language of unified modeling is supported by Abacus. It also enables integration with primary flowcharting and other frameworks associated with the business. 
  3. Abacus also enables the process to leverage the outcomes. 
  4. Abacus updates monitor as well as data and grow the techniques with the help of detailed dashboards and reports. 
  5. It evaluates and designs the processes of business by analyzing and creating several scenarios. 
  6. Plutora Release Manager 

Plutora Release Manager is a beneficial software of business analytics utilized for release management. Everything is required to manage the deployment plans, deployment of IT releases, and planning offered by Plutora Release Manager. 


  1. This business analysis tool enhances flexibility and agility.
  2. It is a powerful release scheduler for viewing and orchestrating, including critical information.
  3. This business analysis tool can support the real-time evaluation of release impacts across components and applications.
  4. Plutora Release Manager can bridge the gap between the software development team, stakeholders, and business. 
  5. Balsamiq Mockups

A fast wire-framing tool that aids businesses to work smarter and faster is Balsamiq. This is the best business analysis tool to do collaborative and remote UX Design. It enables hosting online projects. Collaboration is offered by Balsamiq Mockups between clients and the team. 


  1. Generating click-through prototypes is allowed for usability testing and demons. 
  2. Several user interface icons and controls. 
  3. There is an extensive library of ready-to-use and interactive controls. 
  4. Through linking, the user is allowed to click-through prototypes for usability testing and demos. 
  5. Balsamiq Mockups allows the creation of wireframes with the help of a keyboard. 
  6. The user interface is intuitive and fast. 
  7. This business analyst creates reusable component libraries, masters, and templates. 
  8. It can also present or share mockups using PDF with embedded links. 
  9. Gatherspace

Gatherspace is a fully hosted solution for project management. The chief problems are addressed, along with the causes of failure of project management. Great functionality of project management for large, medium and small enterprises is offered by Gatherspace. 


  1. Gatherspace has the highest bit encryption, high-security protocols, multiple backups, and redundancy. 
  2. It is an ideal business analyst tool to work with several projects. 
  3. It also helps publish, track and organize requirements so that all the associated items stick together. 
  4. Web-based reports of the Gatherspace feature aid users to make reports that are easy to understand. 
  5. It is easy to define and add new requirements for multiple projects. 
  6. SmartDraw 

It is a business analytic tool that assists in simplifying the procedure of managing projects. The design of SmartDraw is automated. Therefore it makes it easier to use as a word processor. 

  1. Teamwork

Teamwork is an easy-to-use system of task management. This tool of business analysis allows organizations to enhance their processes of project management. Additionally, the tool helps one to get things done quickly and avoid unnecessary meetings. 


  1. The progress of the team can be tracked by Teamwork. 
  2. One can automate the visual project tasks and their workflow. 
  3. This business analyst tool helps to turn their goal into an achievable and small task.
  4. Teamwork allows integration with the cloud drive of Hotmail, Dropbox, and Gmail.

Business analytics tools are used by business analysts in order to sort and collect data, for prototype creation, workflow management, use case analysis, design visualizations for explaining the findings, create graphs, and document business requirements. Adobe Acrobat X, Wrike, Smartsheet, Monday, Zoho Projects, Teamwork, ClickUp, Modern Requirements, and so on are some of the best tools for business analysis.