Everybody has teased their friends and coworkers by calling them Dumbass’. Do you recall those great times and all? This word is used often to joke about dumb, slow or stupid people. Do you know that one entire day is dedicated for dumbass individuals? It sounds absurd but it is true. National Dumbass Day ( United States ) is celebrated all over the United States .

In this article we’ll tell you more about the day, and when it falls in a calendar year.

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Who are Dumbassy?

According to the dictionary, dumbass can be defined as a stupid or contemptible person. It is an informal North American expression that can be used as both a noun or an adjective.

Dumbass is a common informal slang used throughout the United States.

It can be used for addressing a slow and stupid person. It is commonly used casually or in an informal manner. It is also used for addressing an idiotic person.

We have explained the meaning and history of Dumbass in this paragraph. You can read more about When Is National Dumbass Day

Prevalence Of the word ‘Dumbass’

The first use of the term Dumbasss was in 1935. People in America use this term to address stupid people. This expression is often used in a jokey way.

Students in high school use the term Dumbass to tease and to joke about their peers. The term Dumbass is often used by stand-up comedians to lighten their humor and make people laugh.

The synonyms for dumbass include idiot, stupid and contemptible

According to our When Does National Dumbass Day sources everyone has heard of April’s fools day but not many people are aware of National Dumbass Day. This is because most people are unaware of the fun day celebrations. It isn’t widespread and is only celebrated in America.

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We are now going to tell more about National Dumbass Day. What month is National Dumbass Day observed in a year? Find out more.

When is National Dumbass Day

National Dumbass Day, which is celebrated every August in the United States, is celebrated each year. It is celebrated every year on the fifth of August.

This day is for dumbass people. It is hilarious and absurd.

On every fifth of august, wish your friends a happy dumbass birthday. Yes, it does sound funny.


This research revealed that nationwide dumbass day occurs every year on the 5th August. This day is dedicated all dumbass individuals. It is a fun, laughter-filled day that involves teasing one another.