A well-done office renovation can do wonders for breathing new life into a company and brand. When the brand has evolved past a certain point that an old office can no longer reflect, then it’s time for a refresh — but when is that, exactly? Those wanting to seek professional fitouts in Brisbane, for example, agonise for weeks and even months about when the right time is to pull the trigger on a renovation project and just get started.

The timing of the fitout matters! Invest too much prematurely and the project can quickly turn into a financial albatross around your collective necks. The alternative is to wait too long until your poor office space is actually holding you back and dragging down your brand image amongst your competition. The question remains, then: when is it time to renovate the office?

1. There’s Infrastructure and Features No one is Using Anymore

One of the first things to be on the lookout for is features, fittings and fixtures around the office that no one is using at all anymore because time and technology have simply moved on from them. For example, landline connections to individual desks are not needed when everyone is connecting via smartphones, tablets and through their laptops. 

Cutting out features like these is good news for offices planning to renovate because it can actually cut costs of the project, as well as simplify the overall operation of the office. Forget having special hard-wired network connections and conference call phones in the meeting rooms, because now we have powerful Wi-Fi, wirelessly connected devices and strong online meeting and conferencing software.

2. The Decor is Looking Tired and Dated

You must also consider how your office looks and feels to those who are walking into it for the first time. If you’ve spent money on a brand update (see below), then you need to have an office space that can match its new energy and vibrancy. Over time, your previous decor will start to look tired, discoloured and faded, perhaps with small tears in the upholstery, bits missing from the carpet, shelving looking overstocked and tilted…you get the idea.

3. The Needs of Your Team Have Changed

Over time, your company’s team might have grown (or shrunk) and a renovation of your existing space can create a more effective office layout to help make teams and individuals more productive. You might want to reorganise your team clusters to make the flow more logical, and you might want to use extra space created for collaborative areas, meeting rooms, a break room, or something else.

The way we run offices has changed so much over the years, that we often find ourselves, for example, with more space because we’re now storing all our files digitally both in the cloud and in portable hard drives. That removes the needs for a sea of filing cabinets, which can create a huge amount of usable space.

4. Employees Look Depressed at Their Desks

Of course, there could be many possible reasons why staffers are looking a bit down while they’re at work, but having to come to the same dreary office space each day can have a big impact on that. A bright, fresh and creative office space makes for a more productive and happy environment for staff to enjoy. Sure, your clients will be impressed, too, but don’t forget to look out for the needs of your team.

5. You’ve Invested in Brand Redesign

Finally, when you’ve put so much money, time, and energy into updating your brand, you simply have to have an office to match that energy. You’ll need to update your reception area, signage, and other areas of the office to reflect possibly a new logo, new colour scheme, and to better showcase the values with which you’ve imbued this shiny new brand.