Structural engineers are a vital part of the building and renovation processes – but when exactly might you need a structural engineer, and what services do they offer?

RD Engineering is a team of experienced structural engineers serving Manchester, Liverpool and other areas across the North West. In this article, we explain a little about what we do, and the circumstances under which you might need us. Also you can prefer Structural Warranty it is an insurance policy that protects you against structural defects in a new build, conversion, or renovated building.

Design Advice

If you are planning to build a new structure or significantly renovate an existing building, the advice and services of a structural engineer is invaluable during the design and planning process.

They will work alongside your architect to ensure that everything you are planning to do will be structurally sound. They will also be able to undertake specialist surveys and ensure that everything adheres to building regulations and structural warranty conditions.

Extensions, Structural Changes and Change of Building Use

Structural changes that are likely to affect the stability of a structure should be overseen by a structural engineer. 

This may include the removal or modification of load-bearing walls, making changes to doors and windows, converting your loft, removing or modifying a chimney breast or underpinning a floor.

Structural engineers can also assist you throughout the design and build of a new extension.

Structural Inspections and Repairs

A structural engineer can also provide assistance when a building has structural problems – such as subsidence, sagging walls, large cracks or problems with the roof.

They can undertake inspections and surveys to determine the full extent of the issue, then deliver services to rectify the problems they have found.

Foundations, Frames and More

If you are planning on building a structure using Modern Methods of Construction, structural engineers can help you to develop a clear plan and a set of calculations regarding the ways in which certain elements will fit together – for example, a steel or wooden frame or a set of joists.

It is highly recommended that you hire a structural engineer for any major project – whether you are making changes to a domestic or commercial property. 

This is especially important if you are self-building, as it can be easy to overlook certain elements that, over time, may cause serious structural problems to your building and may become dangerous and costly in the long run.

So – whether you are building, renovating or extending a structure in the North West, you can use RD Engineering to provide any and all services related to structural engineering in Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding regions.

We can undertake structural engineering in Manchester, Blackpool, Bolton, Chorley, Fylde, Lancaster, Leyland, Liverpool Preston, St Helens and Wigan.

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