Are you a victim of an accident that has been caused by a negligent act of another individual or party? Do you have a family member who died a wrongful death as a result of their serious injuries? In these cases, contacting a personal injury lawyer is crucial to increase your chances of a successful claim.

If you are in these situations, finding legal help should be on your list of priorities. Here are the frequently asked questions and a guide to help you establish if you will benefit from a PI lawyer and how they can help you with your claim.

How can a PI lawyer help?

General practice lawyers and personal injury lawyers deal with different issues. Since PI lawyers specialize in accident cases, you may want to seek help from a legal professional who has worked with similar cases like yours.

A personal injury lawyer’s tasks often involve the following:

a)      Reviewing relevant information and data about the accident

b)     Collecting important information that will help the claim

c)      Gathering data about the laws that will apply to the claim

d)     Filling out and filing the necessary paperwork

e)     Acting as the victim’s representative for negotiations and proceedings in court

f)       Acting as the representative for negotiations with insurance companies

When should you hire a personal injury lawyer?

You sustained injuries due to another’s recklessness

If you have been injured in a public or private establishment that is caused by the negligence of another person, company, or entity, you can be eligible to get fair compensation for your medical fees, treatment, suffering, and more.

Here are the common accidents that qualify for a personal injury claim:

1)     Car Accidents

2)     Slip and fall/Trip and Fall

3)     Premise Liability

4)     Workplace Accidents

5)     Truck Accidents

6)     Pool Accidents

7)     Dog Bites

8)     Bike Accidents

9)     Motorcycle Accidents

10)  Product Liability

What are the most common injuries that result from personal injury accidents?

Examples of Minor injuries

a)      Soft tissue injuries

b)     Sprains

c)      Pulled muscles

Examples of Major injuries

a)      Limb dismemberment

b)     Brain damage

c)      Spinal cord damage

d)     Skull fracture

You do not know the value of your injury

There are many types of compensation that you may be eligible for after suffering an accident. Aside from medical and treatment fees, other rewards may include reimbursement of your lost wages, living expenses, loss of irreplaceable items, and more.

Having a legal representative at your side allows you to know your legal rights. This is especially the case for psychological damages that may be more difficult to put a value on. As much as possible, be honest with your lawyer. Are there any traumas you are experiencing after the accident? Is there an effect on the way you do your work? What are the expenses you have to pay for your treatment? This will ensure that your lawyer can ask for a settlement figure that is fair for the suffering you are experiencing.

You are having issues with an insurance company

In reality, insurance companies may act in bad faith and refuse to compensate for your injuries. When this happens to you, having a PI lawyer will ensure that you will get fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

You want to heal and recover from your injuries

It is not easy to be a victim of an accident. There are many wounds that you may have to heal, both physically and emotionally. In fact, many accident victims may have permanent injuries that would affect their lives significantly.

If you want to focus your time and energy on your recovery, hiring a legal expert may be your best option. This will allow you to keep off the burden and stress you will need to take on if you decide to do it all on your own. As you may know, you will have to prepare a lot of things if you want to file a claim. You should know the rules in your state, collect data and evidence, and may even need to appear in court. Having a professional to represent you will make the process so much easier.

You want justice for wrongful death

Did a family member of yours die a wrongful death due to the negligent acts of others? If you are their dependent, you can ask for compensation for your loss.

Having a personal injury lawyer assist with your claim will ensure that you will have a stronger case. By doing so, you are giving yourself time to grieve your loved one and get the justice you deserve.

Are you filing a personal injury lawsuit?

If you or someone you know has been injured due to the reckless acts of another, it is only fair to get compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced and are experiencing.

You deserve the peace of mind, especially when you are fighting for your compensation claim. In a time like this, making a simple mistake can cost you your settlement. Allow qualified personal injury lawyers to help you.