Persistent pain anywhere in your back and limbs combined with a feeling of numbness is a sign of nerve compression. Please consult Dr. Gurneet Sawhney, a neurosurgeon in Thane, at the earliest.

When do you need to visit a Neurosurgeon?

Most of us believe that a neurologist or a neurosurgeon is to be visited only if something is going terribly wrong with the brain function.

Reading this article will correct your stand.

Ever noticed the mild tingling in your hands, fingers, legs, which gets better when you move about a little.

Or the ringing in your ears, or the trouble focusing your sight. It calls for attention.

It would help if you visited a neurologist or a neurosurgeon and that too at the earliest to resolve your issues.

Dr. Gurneet Sawhney is one of the best neurosurgeons in Thane who is well-known pan India for his knowledge, skill, and successful results in neurosurgeries.

He specializes in Functional Neurosurgery, epilepsy neurosurgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, and Neuroendoscopy.

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What is the scope of a neurosurgeon in your health?

A neurosurgeon deals with every issue your body faces due to a break in communication.

Sounds complicated. It is complicated. Your entire body works on the concept of response to stimuli.

Humans have five sense organs, and our mind and brain communicate with each other through a network of neurons that run through the spine. This network of neurons is called the nervous system.

When we experience injury or feel the temperature and react to it, it is because the skin has sent a signal to the nervous system, which in turn has sent a signal to the brain.

The brain responds to the signal and sends back communication to the nervous system to take action of moving your limbs, wincing in pain, getting a thermometer, and more.

When this nervous system cannot send across signals efficiently, the neurosurgeon comes into the picture.

It is not every time that the neurosurgeon has to perform surgery to rectify the problem. Sometimes it can be as simple as releasing the impinged nerve.

Nerve impingement may occur due to injury, infection, or compression due to bone degeneration.

Since our nervous system is associated with pain, neurosurgeons help us by treating our pain.

If you are suffering due to :

Pain in the lower back

·        Epilepsy

·        Sciatica

·        Impinged nerves

·        Chronic pain

·        Stroke

You should consult with a neurosurgeon considered the best in his field Dr. Gurneet Sawhney.

Sometimes, the pain in a section of your body could indicate problems in a different area of your body. Only a neurologist or a neurosurgeon can diagnose these kinds of issues.

They can diagnose your complications and develop a treatment plan that shows continuous improvement as you follow the treatment.

If the surgeon on diagnosis realizes that your condition has progressed beyond the stage of improvement due to medicine, physiotherapy, and other treatment options, the surgeon will perform surgery.

Neurosurgery is considered one of the most challenging branches of specialization, and the doctor spends almost 15 years learning to perfect his skill. It’s a matter of life and death.

One wrong move and a person can be disabled for life.

Neurosurgeons nowadays can perform surgeries with extreme precision with the aid of the latest developments in surgical technology.

They now have minimally invasive procedures using the tiniest of instruments inserted through very small incisions to access your problem area.

3d imaging technology, robotic surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries, etc., are all the latest trends in modern medicine and surgeries.

Usually, neurological discomforts take a long time to heal if action is not taken on time since it involves brain function.

So, Dr. Gurneet Sawhney’s only word of advice is not to ignore the signs that your body gives you.

Keep your body active, lose weight, and be proactive in matters of health.