Are you looking to buy a rifle or upgrade your current one? Are you unsure of which type of ammunition to use with it?

Depending on the type of rifle you have, there is a specific type of ammunition that will bring out the best performance. This article explores the different types of rifle ammunition that all embody hunting traditions.

Know which ammunition to use before stepping foot in a hunting supply store. Let’s start!


The best ammunition type will depend largely on the purpose it is meant to serve. The best type of rifle ammunition will depend on the task being undertaken and the intended purpose of the shooter.

Here are a few purposes you might be considering:

For Target Shooting

The two main types of rifle ammunition for target shooting are Target and Full Metal Jacket (FMJ). FMJ ammunition is generally cheaper but tends to be less accurate due to its design.

Target ammunition, on the other hand, is designed for precision shooting and is more accurate at longer distances. It also has a cleaner burning propellant, which means it produces less smoke, making it ideal for outdoor target shooting.

For Long-Range Shooting

For long-range shooting, the best kind of rifle ammunition is high-performance, long-range ammunition. These rounds are specifically designed to reach far distances with heavier weights.

They also have a low drag coefficient, which results in minimized drop-off and improved accuracy.

For Defensive Purposes

The best kind of rifle ammunition for defensive purposes is a full-metal jacketed round.

A full metal jacket round is a projectile with a copper or steel jacket around the outside, providing a hard-wearing surface that can penetrate soft targets but that generally does not expand.

These rounds penetrate better and inflict less collateral damage than hollow point rounds, making them ideal for defensive purposes.


When deciding what the best kind of rifle ammunition is in regards to caliber, it largely depends on what type of rifle you are using and what your purpose or intended use is.

Generally speaking, the most popular calibers are .22, .223, .308, .30-06, and 7.62 x 51. When deciding what the best kind of rifle ammunition is in regards to caliber, it largely depends on what type of rifle you are using and what your purpose or intended use is. Rimfire vs. Centerfire Ammo is also an important consideration, as the two types have distinct differences in their primer design and usage. The best type of rifle ammunition is the one that best suits the needs and experience of the shooter.

Ballistic Performance

High-performance cartridges use match-grade bullets that are consistent in weight, shape, and diameter which helps to deliver incredibly consistent accuracy.

Quality rifle ammunition with a proven track record of high accuracy and dependability is the best for any job whether for hunting, shooting competitions, or home defense.


If budget is not an issue, then the highest quality full metal jacket ammunition is ideal for a rifle. It has minimal recoil, allowing for better accuracy and greater control over ammunition.

It is also useful in hostile environments or in situations where ricochet is a possibility as full metal jackets are designed to pass through barriers with less of an impact.

For those on a tight budget, high-quality soft point ammunition provides excellent performance for hunting and target shooting. Its design allows for deep penetration and increased expansion at long distances, making it an excellent choice for those needing accuracy on a budget.

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Be sure to do the research and ask for advice from experienced hunters to get the best results for a successful hunt.

All the best rifle ammunition options are available at your local gun shop, so why not pay them a visit and try some out today?

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