Whether you’re ordering a burger at a fast-food joint or at a fancy restaurant, you probably want some cheese with your beef patty. Here are some great cheese options you can go for!

It’s true that the Whopper is the most popular menu item in Burger King. The main drawback with the Whopper, however, is that in its original form, it doesn’t have cheese at all. Some people even complain loudly about this, until they learn that they can always get the Whopper with Cheese.
In fact, plenty of Burger King burgers come with cheese. You can go with the simple Cheeseburger with some melted American cheese. The Double Mushroom Swiss comes with melted Swiss cheese.
If you’re a true cheese head (and not just a fan of the Green Bay Packers), then you may even love that fabulous concoction known as the 4-Cheese Whopper. It’s packed with American cheese, mozzarella cheese, Swiss cheese, and some type of cheese sauce.
You can always make your own burger at home, as well. Adding the cheese won’t bust your budget, since you can buy a slice for cheese for about 50 cents.
But which cheese is the best? This is obviously a matter of opinion, and you can always test the various cheese options to find your favorite. However, here’s a quick guide to help you make an informed decision.

American Cheese

American cheese is a bit different than regular cheese. That’s because it’s not technically cheese, according to the FDA. They call it a “pasteurized processed American cheese product.”
But whatever it’s called, it sure goes well with a burger especially when it’s melted. It offers just the right level of sharpness that complements the burger quite well.

Mozzarella Cheese

This originally came from Italy, so it’s not surprising you’d find it in pizzas. But it’s great with burgers as well. It offers a somewhat delicate flavor that’s slight sour, although those with less sensitive tastebuds may find it a bit bland.
However, the quality of the cheese changes as it ages. The older the cheese gets, the sourer and softer it becomes.

Swiss Cheese

Plenty of burger makers use Swiss cheese mainly to pair with their bacon or mushroom burgers. That combo is a proven blockbuster, with a better taste than any other type of cheese.
There are actually many types of Swiss cheese. A lot of the time, you might find Baby Swiss with your burger. It’s aged for a shorter time, and its flavor is nicely mild and buttery. The traditional Swiss cheese (the Emmentaler) comes with a stronger flavor.


The tang of cheddar cheese can be quite bold, though this depends on the aging. The young cheddar types are generally mild, but they melt the best. You really shouldn’t waste your terrific older Cheddars on burgers, especially if they’re older than 4 years. Those older cheddars are best for more elegant cheese and cracker plates.


This is a traditional Dutch cheese, but more and more people around the world are learning more about it. That’s because plenty of people share burger recipes online, and quite a few people have noted that gouda’s mild creaminess works great with a burger.
Then there’s also a type of gouda that’s smoked. That should make your burger taste a lot more exciting.

Blue Cheese

You can melt the blue cheese on top of the burger, or you can even stuff some blue cheese inside your beef patty. This is the type of cheese you’d find in a cheeseburger served by some fine dining establishments. The cheese is very creamy, while the pungent smell is a delight.
Get your burger with some bacon and blue cheese, and it’s fit for a king. The combined taste is truly rich and even decadent.


This is a type of French cheese that you’d normally encounter in some pastry appetizer or a cheeseboard. But it also works very nicely with a burger, especially when you also add some bacon. And since it works as a nice stuffing in pastries, you can also just try and stuff your patty with brie as well.

Monterey Jack

If you’re looking for some gooey type of cheeseburger that you can slurp as well as eat, then you’re looking for some Monterey Jack cheese. This cheese melts very well. Also, its flavor is quite mild, so it works great with burger concoctions that come with stronger flavors.
If you’re making your own ground beef for your homemade burgers, try adding some Italian or Mexican seasonings to the beef patty before you set on the melted Monterey Jack. Better yet, put in some jalapeno or even habanero peppers.


There’s no doubt that adding cheese to a burger works wonders, as it truly makes for a classic. Pick the cheese you like and enjoy your cheeseburger!