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Tudor is a well-known watch brand. While it manufactures various types of watches, Tudor dive watches have made a mark for themselves. There are quite a few unique features of these watches which help them stand out. Today, we will share with you some features to help you understand why it is advisable to buy a dive watch by Tudor.

1. Robust construction:

At the time, which needs to handle a lot of water pressure. If the construction is not robust, the dive watch might get damaged during the dive itself. In that case, it will be difficult for you to keep track of time.

However, when going with Tudor dive watches, you won’t have to worry about any such problem. The robust construction is such that the watch can handle the high water pressure experienced at the depths of the dive. Apart from that, the construction is so robust that such watches can handle other weather elements as well. Consequently, such watches last for a long time.

2. High water resistance:

A dive watch needs to be entirely water resistant. If the watch is not water resistant, it will stop working as soon as you reach a depth of 20 meters. However, Tudor watches can handle even 100 meters or more.

The high water resistance means that the watch will work pretty well throughout the dive. It is another reason to buy these watches.

3. Excellent accuracy:

During the dive, you need to keep a precise watch on time. When you track the time accurately you will know when to head over to the surface.

The good news is that Tudor dive watches are accurate to a fraction of a millisecond. It means that you will always get proper time readings during the dive. You can make accurate decisions as to whether you need to go to further depth or whether it is time to pull out.

4. Great aesthetics:

A dive watch needs to have proper functionality. However, apart from that, it needs to have excellent aesthetics. If the aesthetics are not up to the mark, you won’t be able to wear it on the surface or out of the water.

However, with dive watches by Tudor, you won’t have this problem as well. That is because the brand is known for its excellent aesthetics as well. A lot of thought is put into the design to ensure that dive watches are available for men and women. There are plenty of unisex designs available. It means that even wearing such a dive watch for other locations, it would seem out of place. The excellent aesthetics is another reason to buy such watches.

5. Auto-adjustable straps:

Most dive watches come with a spring adjustment mechanism. Using this mechanism, when you move around your wrist, the size of the belt will adjust automatically to provide you with a snug fit. That is why; the watch will not come off. It also means that even if you wear the watch for long hours, it won’t be heavy on your wrist.

The auto adjustment mechanism also ensures that you can focus on your dive rather than worry about adjusting your watch repeatedly. Additionally, this eliminates size compatibility issues when getting a dive watch.

All these features combine certainly make Tudor dive watches a much better option than those by other brands. That is why, if you dive often or are looking to give someone a dive watch, getting one from Tudor is the perfect option.