Whats on Going in Haiti? This blog gives you information on the current situation facing Haitians and current conditions along the border between the US and Mexico.

What’s the situation of Haiti today? What’s been happening to Haitians?

Haiti is the country in the Caribbean which has a shared Hispaniola Island, and in the east, it is part of it with Dominican Republic. Recently Haiti was featured on every major news outlet and this is what makes United States netizens eager to learn what’s happening with Haiti.

From various sources, it’s been reported that along border between the Us as well as the Mexico borders, the situation of Haitians has become worse. We will provide more detailson the subject.

How is it? state of Haitians in the present?

According to the latest news reports that have been reported, the situation gets worse every day for Haiti residents living in the ‘Rio Grande River Camp. There are around 1000 Haitians have come together in desire to gain USA asylum. The pressure increases on US the President’ Joe Biden’ to suspend removal flights for Haitians. The current situation at the border with Mexico and the United States and Mexico has prompted a lot of criticism in recent times.

What’s Happening in Haiti What is happening in Haiti?- The condemnation is widespread as US border officials intimidate Haitian asylum seekers and migrants by using language like whips mounted on horses while asylum refugees attempt to traverse the river.

Recent reports have revealed that the bridge camp international in Del Rio around 1400o people are residing there but authorities from the USA administration has already shifted many thousands of Haitians away to begin the process of immigration and deported more than 500 Haiti citizens on Sunday. According to reports the news, more applicants would fly out of the country as authorities in the US and Mexico were preparing for this and DHS (US Department of Homeland Security ) said that the practice will continue.

Whats on Going in Haiti?

Recently, a number of Haiti citizens were deported to the USA and granted the right to pursue immigration cases. Others have decided to leave Del Rio and stay in “Ciudad Acua” because of food shortages and other unfavorable conditions that are happening in the USA.

The current handling of the situation of the president of the moment Joe Biden is being condemned by significant US political parties and political leaders. The flights from Haiti have also been described as “obscene. Furthermore the fact has been made clear that The Caribbean nation is in political instability, battling natural disasters, and is still struggling with this crisis and violent gangs. What’s Happening In Haiti? In fact, the chief official of the UN Refugee agency, Filippo Grandi warning that the removal of refugees in an unstable state could cause disruption to the international law.

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Recently, a doctor named ‘Without Borders” has stated that criminal gangs eat immigrants and harassed or even assaults, are commonplace within the wild. More than 50000 immigrants are believed to be crossing the Columbia-Panama Border in 2021.


The present situation of Haitians isn’t ideal for them. Keep up-to-date with any incident occurring recently by following our blog. From a variety of sources about Haiti there is a sense that the situation isn’t stabilizing yet. Whats on Going in Haiti? Are you interested in knowing more? Let us know below.