The Covid-19 pandemic combined with the ability to connect through technology has shifted the psychological landscape. Mental health coaching is on the rise and for good reason. Stay at home orders and other stress related issues affected everyone, some more than others. While many need guidance and support through some of these issues, few need psychiatric drugs to cope. Hence the need for intelligent, compassionate mental health coaches who care about people. 

Mental Health Coaching Has a Secure Future

According to The World Health Organization the number one mental health problem globally is depression and those numbers continue to rise. Recent surveys indicate mental health workers are consistently struggling to keep up with patient demands. While many are tired and overworked, they are passionate about helping people. The industry as a whole needs help. Mental health coaching is job security going forward. 

What is a Mental Health Coach

A mental health coach is an intelligent, certified, compassionate person who gets paid to help people. They do not prescribe medications or deal with any clinical diagnoses. For instance, a mental health coach will guide and support someone who may be generally depressed but they will not attempt treatment on someone who has a clinical depressive disorder. As a certified mental health coach, you will be trained to tell the difference so you can perform your job with confidence. 

How to Get Certified

Becoming a certified mental health coach does involve some time, effort, commitment, and study. It is important to be properly trained so you can offer your clients true value. It is best to start your training in an organization that is recognized by the International Coach Federation (IFC). You can achieve your Board Certified Coach credential (BCC) in a relatively short time. INLP Center International offers some of the best certified coach training in the field of mental health. 

The best part is that you can complete your training at home. Once you start on their training track, you can achieve as few or as many certifications that suit you. You can use your certifications to start a new career in the field of mental health coaching or start a new business altogether. 

Why INLP Center International

There are other mental health coaching certifications out there but you want to invest in a training you can be proud of. INLP Center International is recognized in the industry and once you achieve your certification, you will be too. They have been qualified by the Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc. (CCE) as a Registered Credential Training Provider. They have earned 4.9 out 5 star student reviews and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Think About A Career In Mental Health Coaching

If you have ever considered becoming a mental health coach, now is the time. The industry needs help and people need help. The INLP Center International can qualify you to provide that help and earn handsomely while doing something you love. Don’t let any more time pass while you think about it. You aren’t reading this by accident.