Most personal injury clients have had little or no prior experience navigating the legal system, which is understandable. The process of attempting to comprehend your situation and what is happening can be daunting and perplexing. Most law firms offer individuals that are known as paralegals who are available to assist you.

Attorneys and paralegals are two completely separate professions. Even though they cannot provide legal advice or help you create your legal strategy, paralegals can assist clients and attorneys in a variety of other ways, including conducting interviews and performing research, writing and filing papers. For this blog article, the paralegals and Santa barbara personal injury lawyers sat down together and brainstormed a list of topics that all clients should be aware of – but aren’t always aware of.

Lawsuits are a slow-moving process.

A common question that arises is “how long will my case take?” which eventually leads to “why is my case taking so long?” There is a lot more that goes into a case than most clients think, and that is the simple answer to the question. First and foremost, we will not be able to begin resolving your case until we have determined the full amount and severity of your damage. If you make a decision before fully comprehending your entire rehabilitation process, you may miss out on the assistance you require.

The only way we can proceed after we have determined the amount of your injury is to begin gathering records and bills in order to produce a demand letter to be sent to the party that caused your injury. Following the receipt of this letter, the other party normally has 30 days to respond. If they reject our offer, the process of filing a lawsuit will finally commence. More information about the timetable of a lawsuit can be found by visiting this page.

Be Upfront and Honest

Paralegals are responsible for upholding and protecting the rights that exist between an attorney and a client, despite the fact that attorney-client confidentiality is a privilege designated exclusively for attorneys. This indicates that your information is in the safest possible hands. A similar approach, it is in your best interests to be open and upfront with all members of your legal team, including paralegals, at all times.

To paralegals, honesty is paramount; having an arrest on your record from years ago is not a big thing at all. However, if you choose to hide that information, it could become a much more serious problem. Another area in which you must be completely honest is while reporting your level of pain. Both under-exaggerating and over-exaggerating can be adverse to your cause, and both can be as harmful. If you exaggerate, you may be discovered through medical diagnostics, and you may lose your credibility, as well as your chance of recovery. If you under-exaggerate your injuries, you may not obtain all of the medical attention that you require, and you may receive a lower compensation than you would have received if you had stated the truth about your injuries.

Everything should be documented.

Make a thorough record of everything that happened during your accident and injuries to the best of your ability. Pictures, videos, phone records, text messages, and other documents are all extremely essential when it comes to improving your chances of recovering from your accident. In the event that you are ever in doubt about whether a document is relevant, send it anyhow. Your paralegals would prefer to have an excessive number of documents rather than an insufficient number.

Put an end to your social media postings.

If you are seeking compensation for a significant injury, the defense’s ability to examine photographs and films showing you dancing and partying will not help your case. Although social media may be a part of your daily routine, your paralegals want you to be aware that you should refrain from posting, or at the very least, stop from posting about the case and modify your privacy settings, while you are representing yourself.

Make sure your tagging settings are correct as well – even if you are not posting, if your friend’s cousin doesn’t know any better, the defence may find her post and claim that you are not really injured, even if you simply smiled in her picture to be a good sport. If a photo does appear, notify a paralegal as soon as possible, but do not delete the post, as this could be construed as destroying evidence, which could reduce the amount of money you are entitled to collect.

Email is the most efficient method.

Sending papers to your paralegal and legal team via email is the most efficient method of communication. Traditional mail is inefficient, and envelopes are readily and frequently misplaced in the mail stream. Email ensures that a record of what you sent is kept in both your outbox and our inbox, ensuring that you are never forgotten.

Discovery is a place where anything goes.

During the discovery stage, the defence has the right – and the obligation – to ask you any and all questions. We will assist you in preparing for any questions that may be asked of you, but this relates to the issue about being honest. If you are completely honest with us, we will be better prepared. During the discovery process, you must be completely honest. If you were talking on the phone at the time of the accident, don’t lie about it. The defence will find out, and we will not be able to defend you unless we are aware of your situation in advance.

Your paralegal is well-versed in your situation.

Never be scared to communicate with your paralegal rather than your attorney. Although they are unable to provide legal advice, they are able to address the majority of the questions you are likely to have. Besides that, your paralegal is just as conversant with the facts of your case as your Ventura personal injury lawyer is — if not more so. They are a vital resource that you have at your disposal, and they will be pleased to keep you informed and up to date on the progress of your case.

Kindness is a virtue.

Your paralegal puts in long hours, not only on your case, but on a number of other cases as well. We recognise that you are a vital part of your own legal team as well, and the more patient and understanding you are, the more satisfied the entire team will be with your performance. Finally, we are all simply human beings who aren’t perfect, but we always try our hardest and do all it takes to set things right and optimise your chances of recovering.