Expat life in Dubai is a high level of comfort, many amenities, and opportunities. And obtaining a visa when using the services of business consultants in Dubai should not be a problem.

However, this applies only to those who respect the order established here. Having familiarized yourself with the local culture and rules in Dubai in advance, you can avoid many troubles.

The laws of the UAE differ significantly from the laws of Europe and America, and in most cases, certain rules are due to religion. And if ordinary tourists break any rules, then expats who live and work in Dubai are subject to strict behavioral requirements.

Living In Dubai: What Are The Rules To Follow?

Below you will find the basic information you need to know and understand in order to enjoy your time in Dubai without any hassles:

  •  Alcohol – non-Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol in Dubai only within certain establishments – in hotel rooms, as well as restaurants and bars with the appropriate license. It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol in public places or just on the street.
  • Religious traditions – everyone who comes to live in Dubai has the right to practice their own religion. However, anything that is a crime against Islam is not allowed and will result in severe fines or imprisonment.
  • Dress code – if you are planning to move to live and work in Dubai, be prepared to adhere to some dress code rules. Your clothing should cover the shoulders and knees, it should be not transparent and too tight. You also need to make sure that there is nothing offensive on the clothes in the form of any slogans or images.
  • Car driving – there are heavy fines for speeding, street racing, and using a mobile phone while driving. For serious violations, not only a fine is provided, but also the confiscation of your car.

How To Get A Visa To Move To Dubai?

If you want to live and work in Dubai, you definitely need to apply for the appropriate visa. The easiest way to do this is using the services of Dynasty Business Adviser company.

The specialists of this company use an individual approach to each client and will help you choose the right type of visa and solve all the problems with its registration.

At the moment, the most popular ways to obtain a visa are opening a company in Dubai or buying a property. Dynasty Business Adviser will help you understand in more detail the nuances of each of the methods and choose the most suitable for you.