The concept of white-label advertising was created for the cooperation of large and small companies on equal conditions like access to the client base, use of popular resources, and guaranteed income. In the article, we will tell you for whom the white label advertising platform is suitable.

What Is White Label

White Label is a partnership in which one company releases a product and another sells it under its own brand. Every party fulfills its obligations. This format establishes mass production of consumer goods. The main advantage is that the product enters the market under different brands and at different prices.

The term ‘White Label’ first appeared in the United States. Recording studios released vinyl records with a white blank label on which the retailer could print their own logo.

Since that time, the concept has moved to the financial and IT services segment. For example, in the US and Australia, large banks make credit cards for smaller banks so they can lower their production costs.

Who Can Use the Benefits of This Tool

The White Label affiliate program is a passive income option for forums, information portals, and the media. The only condition is the presence of an audience and high attendance of the resource. The top positions in search results are occupied by projects with an audience of more than five million unique visitors per day. A showcase placed on such a site will, of course, attract more attention.

In addition to large portals, it is typical for such cases:

  • The seller does not have a dedicated budget for marketing promotion.
  • The company has funds for advertising and promotion but cannot realize the sales potential. White Label will keep the original direction of work and ensure the influx of customers.
  • The product can interest a wide audience with its quality characteristics and price.
  • The seller seeks to quickly enter the market and take away the share of customers from competitors.
  • The company is not engaged in marketing promotion.

For this concept to work, you need to correctly arrange the pages on the website. If the advertising sign is hidden in the footer and not displayed as a link to the main page, customers will not see the offer and will not be able to use it. It is better to make a separate section of the information portal for it. This will allow visitors to see the offer.

The text of the showcase should correspond to the content of the website. If the content of the website and the advertisement do not match, the audience will perceive the information as intrusive advertising. Therefore, trust in the Internet project will decrease. In addition, the ranking of the resource will be lower because search engines analyze the content of portals. In some situations, the project may be removed from search results.

As the experience of many companies shows, White Label guarantees the same opportunities for large and start-up business projects. To implement new opportunities, you need to match the intricacies of an affiliate program with specific business activities. With the right approach, you can achieve a significant increase in sales and rapid growth of the audience.