Table of Contents

1. What you need to know about U part wig, wet and wavy wig, and short human hair wigs

2.1U part wig

2.2Benefits of buying u part wig

3.1Wet and wavy wig

3.2How to get the wet and wavy look

3.3How to take care of your wet and wavy wig

4.1Short human hair wigs

4.2Benefits of buying short human hair wigs

Nowadays compared to before when wigs were used as a means to hide the baldness and hair thinning these days it’s more of an accessory you can change how you change your shoes and earrings .You can change your classy office look to a chic glam look ready for a party within a short duration. The credit goes to all those celebrates who have normalized wearing wigs, because of this reason now in the market you will find lots of options when it comes to wigs depending on different styles, textures, and colors tons of wigs are available. Since wearing a wig is normal now people not only do not feel conscious about wearing a wig instead it is now more like a fashion statement for them.

With many options being available in the market sometimes it is difficult to decide what you want well worry not that’s why we are here to help you in making that decision.

U part wig

As the name suggests it is u shaped wig .Since it’s a u shaped wig a section is open from where you can take your natural hair and blend it with the part wig. In this way, you have an excess to your natural hair and scalp because of this you will get a very natural finish. The wig is installed by mean clips and combs if it is for a short duration in case of long duration just like extension it can be sew in too. The popularity of this type of wig is because of the natural look it gives the wearer , as the wearer can blend their natural hair with u part wig the scalp is visible and it creates the illusion that it is not a wig.

Benefits of buying u part wig

There are many benefits of buying u part wig some of them are listed below

1. The finished look will be very natural

2. It will prevent hair loss as it doesn’t cause a lot of pull to your hair

3. You can try new styles without having to damage your natural hair

4. It is very easy to install and saves a lot of time 

These are some of the benefits out of many you will be getting when you invest your money in u part wig .Overall u part wigs are ideal wigs for you if you want a combination of changing your style by wearing a wig, but also wants to include your natural hair in the style you are going for .With u part wig you are free to style your front section of hair however you want and blending it with u part wig you have installed. A perfect combination of style and naturalness.

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Wet and wavy wig

The best thing about wet and wavy wig is that since it is made from virgin hair it looks very natural and is free from chemical substances. To get the perfect wet and wavy look you do not have to do much you only need to damp your wet and wavy wig, add moisture and you are ready to go .Tell me can it get easier than this .With wet and wavy wig not only it is easier to get a wet and wavy hairstyle but if you want a change and go for a straight or just curly look you do not have to invest your money in other types of wigs. With wet and wavy wig you get both kinds of styles in one wig. When it’s dry it will be straight or curly and if you change your mind and want a wet and wavy look just dampen it with some water and you are done.

How to get the wet and wavy look

1. First saturate your wet and wavy wig with water until the water is dripping from its tips.

2. Divide it into smaller sections.

3. Use water-based moisture to lock the moisture in.

4. To get a shiny look add a hair shining serum to your wet and wavy wig.

How to take care of your wet and wavy wig

As you have invested your money in to wet and wavy wig you should also take care of it so that it can last long. Here are some of the steps you should follow when handling your wet and wavy wig.

1. Detangle it properly with a wide-tooth hairbrush before washing.

2. Start brushing from the bottom part of your wet and wavy wigs and move towards the top.

3. Wash it gently do not use excessive strength.

4. Air dries it before styling.

5. Keep it on a wig stand when not using it to maintain its shape.

Some people complain that their wig gets frizzy. We have a solution for this problem too. To keep it from not frizzing it is best recommended to add moisture to your wet and wavy wig and it will not get frizzy.

Short human hair wigs

At least once in their life, all women must have thought about getting a short haircut. A fresh start but they didn’t go for that short haircut because they are too scared with the thought of what if they did not like it in the end. The solution to your problem is that just invest your money into a short human hair wig .Not only these wigs are very convenient they make you look beautiful. Who doesn’t want to feel cool in this hot summer?

Benefits of buying short human hair wigs 

Here are some of the benefits you will get if you buy short human hair wigs.

1. Low maintenance

Short human hair wigs are low maintenance wigs. With long wigs, you need to spend hours straightening and curling them and getting rid of  tangles but with a short human hair wig you do not need to put in a lot of effort and you will be done in no time.

2. Saves times

Pretty simple less hair less time you will be spending on styling it .Now you do not have to spend hours in front of the mirror just to get the perfect look.

3. Perfect for summers

With short human hair wigs, you are good to go for summer .You can feel the coolness on your neck saving yourself from sweatiness.

4. It’s in trend 

Short human hair wigs are in trend you have a variety of options to choose from such as bob cut, lob cut, pixie, and many more the choices are many.At luvmehair you can buy the best quality short human hair wig .these wig comes in different styles, textures such as straight, curly, wavy, and even in different colors such as black, brown, and highlighted ones too.