Shipping a car to another state in Canada shouldn’t be a big deal. Most top auto shipping lines like MVS Canada generally try to simplify the process; you still need to cover your end. However, if you don’t know what you are looking for, this straightforward process can become a nightmare. 

Meanwhile, here are some everyday things you need to know and control when trying to ship a car to another state. 

Take Note of Auto Transport Brokers

Often, people are not always aware that auto transport brokers exist. In case you don’t know who auto transport brokers are. They are firms that give your shipment to another shipping firm. The disadvantage of working with an auto transport broker is that you do not know the exact driver or car carrier the auto broker will broker your car order, especially if this is your first time shipping your car. 

You can’t ascertain that your car will be moved using the standard methods with auto transport brokers. They only care about moving your car from the point of pick up to its destination and nothing more. 

Also, if you have an issue with your car after taking delivery, you may have to deal with multiple companies before reaching any meaningful settlement. 

You must always be on the lookout for this type of operation when shipping your automobile.

Reading Through Reviews Isn’t A Waste of Time.

The process of shipping your car will cost you a massive amount of money. You need to trust the company in charge of the transportation. To confirm the credibility of the shipping company you want to work with, visit federal sites or associations of car shipping companies in your state. Also, it would be best if you asked family, friends, acquaintances, and local dealership companies for recommendations. Going through review websites and car forums is another way to ensure you pick a shipping company that will provide you with quality services. 

Can be Risky Depending on Your Method of Shipment 

Depending on the shipping method you choose, Your car could get scratched or damaged during the shipping process. For instance, some transported fast cars with chains when using open trailers can put a lot of strain on your vehicle. This means of transportation can also expose your car to external and environmental factors like road debris, snow, rain, sunlight, and even theft. 

The best thing you can do is examine the transport company’s current method of moving cars. If you notice a problem with their system, you could address it right there or don’t patronize them. For instance, you shouldn’t work with a company that uses chains to secure cars during transport. If the chain losses during transport, they will bang on the car throughout the rest of the journey, even in potholes and when riding over bumps creating a minor dent or scratches. 

Avoid Giving Deposit

You should never pay a deposit anytime you try to transport your car. Requesting a deposit by a car shipping company should be a red flag. Reliable car shipping companies don’t request a deposit but instead ask for full payment after picking up or dropping off the car. With this, you will have the opportunity to back out if they don’t live up to expectations. It is also a way of getting quality services. 

Your Decision Should Not be Based on Price Alone

Any time you’re planning to get your car shipped, and you are offered a relatively low price compared to what others are asking for, that should be a red flag. Low prices can mean two things. The first is that your car might be using substandard transport methods and equipment. The second is that you might be working with a subpar auto transport broker. You should avoid these two scenarios as any can be detrimental. 

Always Take Note of Insurance Policies

While working with a car transport company, it is always best to ask the transport company to provide a Certificate of Insurance. Typically, the insurance should include; workers’ compensation, coverage amount for liability, cargo limits, and deductible if applicable. Usually, broker companies don’t carry their insurances but have brokerage bonds. 

In all, the process of shipping your car to another state might be a bit tricky. However, taking note of the above-stated points will go a long way in making the process seamless for you. It will also help to avoid falling into the wrong hands.