In terms of the parts of your house that you’re aware require attention, your chimney likely isn’t on the top of the list. It’s true that it’s job is to remove smoke and soot out of the house and is composed of brick or stone. You might think that it’s safe to overlook and concentrate on other areas of concern such as the floors, HVAC system or your yard. But this could be a costly error. Chimney cleaning is a crucial task that you must complete for a variety of reasons. If you’re not familiar with the concept or have been doing it for some time, here’s the information you must be aware of.

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Why Your Chimney Needs Attention

Despite its rustic appearance and straightforward job, your chimney requires some regular attention. This is because your chimney could easily get blocked once the soot that it is exposed to can build up and cause obstructions. Another danger is known as creosote. It’s a substance that is released when certain types of materials are burnt. If the entire log, coal, or fire-starter that you’re using does not burn to the fullest extent Creosote is a byproduct which is dumped behind. As time passes it accumulates:

  • On the outside of your chimney
  • in the smoke chamber.
  • inside your firebox
  • The damper.

The issue of soot is that, when it blocks the chimney the smoke has a tough getting out. It can be a hassle at the very least in the event that you attempt to ignite the next flame. It is evident that it can be extremely dangerous. But, since creosote is extremely flammable, if it gets built over a long period of time it could put you in various dangers next time you want to relax in your fireplace. However, it’s not necessary to have too much creosote to ignite the fire that is a chimney (FYI the fact that pine is a lot more creosote than the other types of wood, and is best kept clear of for this reason).

Getting Your Chimney Inspected

We’ll get into chimney cleaning later However, it’s crucial to have your chimney checked regularly. If you don’t experience an excessive number of fires every year, regular inspections will be sufficient. Even if you rarely utilize your fireplace an annual chimney inspection is recommended as the technician can inspect every heating appliance to make sure that no issues are lurking.

Additionally, your chimney could be a refuge for any kind of animal, even if it appears to be closed. If you ever attempt to start a fire, or even open your damper, it could be a problem. It is recommended to have a professional take an inspection of your chimney particularly after winter is a smart option to avoid this.

When to Schedule a Chimney Inspection

If you’re experiencing issues regarding your chimney it is time to have an inspection. A chimney cleaning is advised, but often the solution is that is a lot simpler.

If you recently purchased your house, it’s a good idea. Even if the homeowner who lived there before has claimed they have one last year it’s too risky to take the chance.

As we said that winter weather could cause pests to enter your chimney. But, the elements could have also damaged the chimney. Therefore, it’s best to schedule an inspection before the freeze is upon us, even if we do not have any vermin issues in your area.

When Chimney Cleaning Is Necessary

There are a number of times , inspections are accompanied by the chimney being cleaned. It’s not always however and the inspection might not be required, even though cleaning is. The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) advises that you get an inspection of your chimney at the time that an eighth inch of soot has been observed in the flue and chimney. If you glance up at your flue and see the appearance of a glaze regardless of how thick the chimney must be cleaned prior to using it.

Cleaning your chimney every year at least is suggested. Just before winter begins is generally the best option since that’s when the combustion begins.

Be aware, however, that regardless of whether you’re talking about an inspection or cleaning of your chimney your fireplace isn’t the sole consideration. A lot of HVAC systems are able to expel air from your chimney. Therefore, just because your chimney is accumulating dust does not mean that there’s an array of issues over it. Even if you don’t have plans to have a fire soon, having your chimney cleaned is an excellent idea.