The story of the Cape Town Fish Market started way back in 1997 when Douv purchased a small restaurant dealing in fresh fish at the famous V&A Waterfront. At that time, the restaurant was selling fresh and unprocessed seafood to its customers who would take it home to consume with their families. A bigger percentage of the customers returned almost every day for more because of the amazing taste which the fresh food offered. This is what led to the birth of the Cape Town Fish Market.

The fresh ingredients, the fantastic relaxing atmosphere and the wonderfully tasting sushi and seafood are the ingredients that build this wonderful restaurant. At its present state, this restaurant is an iconic establishment, and now that it has partnered with the best food franchises in South Africa makes it among the best places to sample fish and other fresh seafood while in South Africa.

Style and atmosphere of this renown Fish Market

The owners of this incredible eatery knew that fresh fish would be the hinge in which the fish market runs and figured out the best atmosphere and style which helped to ensure that the establishment becomes notable and attractive. The décor is distinctive, while the landscape is picturesque. Available in the establishment are old images that remind the visitors and customers about the old fishing days, in a style that evokes fresh memories about the sea, with incredible traditions of sustainability and freshness. We provide top and high best fishing rods for beginners, check it now!

Cross-Cultural menu: Japanese & South African Cuisine

In the Cape Town Fish Market, the cuisine is a blend of Japanese and South African and covers everything from sashimi to chips & fish. The menu has been developed by the owners of the establishment, and has continued to be improved by members of his family. It’s this restaurant that brought the famous sushi belt to South Africa for the first time, therefore providing its customers with a convenient method to enjoy their food. After a local tour, you can get to the CTFM for a tasty meal in a relaxing atmosphere.

The Second Cape Town Fish Market

This is located in Canal Walk and opened its doors in 2000. Since then, it has expanded to numerous other South African locations, and also to foreign countries-Tanzania. Moreover, using its trading name – CTFM, the Cape Town Fish Market also runs a Franchise in London, which is considered to be successful.

The Cornerstone of the Cape Town Fish Market

The reason for the immense success of the Cape Town Fish Market is the food that is served there. It’s a quality combination of local and international cuisines that use fresh sea ingredients. Fresh food always tastes better, and this even gets better when the fish is harvested sustainably.

The current Modern look that the current Cape Town Fish Market offers

From 2013 up to now, The Cape Town Fish Market has donned a new stylish look. The owners introduced new colors, a modern look, and increased light. The new upmarket style has a familiar atmosphere that caters to the needs of everyone. Whether you want a romantic dinner or enjoy delicious seafood with your family, everyone is perfectly set for you.