Candles do so much more than light a space. People love to use candles to enhance the atmosphere of their room, provide amazing fragrance, and give as thoughtful gifts, and of course the flickering of the candlelight helps to set up a romantic mood.

Candle making is a great do-it-yourself project that keeps you engaged. Moreover, it is cheaper compared to buying exclusive quality candles from the shop. There are many candle suppliers in Australia that provide all the materials required to make different kinds of candles. You can visit candle supplies Australia online selling shop to buy good quality candle-making materials at a reasonable price. Firstly, you need to know the basic things necessary for making candles.

Here are some of the essential materials required to make candles-

  • Wax- There are many kinds of wax available. Choosing good quality wax will retain aroma better and means the candle won’t melt fast. Here is a brief guide on the types of wax.
    • Paraffin wax – It is the most widely wax used to make candles. You use wax that has a high melting point for making pillar candles and lower melting point wax is good for making smaller candles like tea lights.
    • Beeswax – As the name suggests, this wax comes from bees. It has a sweet fragrance and is available in multiple kinds. You can buy pellets, blocks or pre-rolled sheets. The wax is usually poured into moulds to make candles.
    • Gel wax – It is a blend of mineral oil and resin. This isn’t real wax, however it is popularly used to make tealight candles, as it is translucent. The other beneficial feature is that the candle made of gel wax will slowly burn and the wax won’t melt fast. It is mostly used by people creating innovative candles.
    • Soy wax – It is composed of many oils and soybean. It is cheaper than bee wax and used to make container candles. The temperature of the melting point can be altered, and it is clean quality wax.
  • Wicks – It is important to choose a good quality and correct size wick for your candle making project. It helps to prevent carbon built-up and a larger wick can make the container quite hot, causing it to break.
  • Scent – There are fragrance oils and scented blocks that can be chosen according to your preference.
  • Colour – Liquid dye or solid dye can be used to add colour to melted wax during candle making.

You can even make a flameless candle using LED light in place of the wick. The wax won’t melt and you have a candle that wouldn’t flicker off soon. The battery lights the candle anytime and anywhere. You can buy them from online stores selling all kinds of candles or make them yourselves.

You can explore many ideas posted on the internet to make lovely-looking candles.