From tools that help you find deals to stores while Shopping Online that alert you to sales when you’re on the go, here are some tips and tricks to help you get more of your hard-earned money.

Browser tools 

There are so many extensions, depending on which browser you use, that it can make your head spin. So here are a few more popular ones that not only work well and help you with your shopping, but are available for multiple browsers. Find the best shopping deals in Safari without lifting a finger. Find the best shopping deals in Safari without lifting a finger. You are looking for a product you want to buy online in Safari and suddenly a pop-up poster appears. It tells you that you can get this fresh item elsewhere for $ 20 less. It’s smart! 

Honey (Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari) 

Honey is an awesome browser extension that not only gets you discount codes, but helps you apply them at the time of purchase. As you shop at sites like NewEgg, Groupon, or Papa John, Honey will search for coupons as well as available sales automatically. When something is found, the icon in the toolbar will light up and the number found will display. Then just tap that button to see all the coupons and sales found for that site. Honey currently supports more than 1000 stores internationally.

Shoptimate (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari) 

When it comes to shopping, comparing prices with other stores is often the key to getting the best deal. Shoptimate is a very handy tool for comparison shopping because it works automatically. As you look at a product, Shoptimate will jump right at the top of your window and show you where you can get a better price. You can quickly see the lowest prices and where to get it. There is also a very handy button to see the rest of the prices and location and you can go straight to another store on the list with one click. If you set up a free account with Shoptimate, you can also set up price alerts which is a huge plus.

Shoptagr (Chrome, Safari and others via bookmarklet) 

Shoptagr is another great extension that also has a mobile app. In partnership with over 400 stores, Shoptagr functions as a universal wishlist plus an alert system. When you find a product that you want to save for later, just access Shoptagr from your toolbar, and add it to your wishlist. Then, if the item goes on sale or becomes low in stock, you will receive an alert. This eliminates the constant that you might do to check out that expensive item that you expect to drop in price.

Mobile app 

With our ever-changing world, technology is much more convenient and when it comes to saving money, there are apps for it. See if your favorite trusted shopping stops have mobile apps for your phone or tablet. 10 Safe & Safe Tips This Holiday Season The holidays are almost upon us once again. And that can only mean one thing – yep, it’s time for last-minute freebies again! But how do you avoid the criminals while buying? 

Many now not only allow you to shop from your mobile device, but also send you alerts for special offers and price drops. Another mobile option is an app like Shoptagr which we talked about above in the browser extension section that notifies you on your mobile device and in your browser.

This is a convenient way to track sales and promotions because push notifications or text alerts will display right on your screen. So, maybe you don’t plan on picking up that new TV after work, but seeing a limited-time sale alert on your phone, you can just change your mind. 

Member and Refer-A-Friend Programs 

More and more online retailers are trying their hands at different membership and promotion programs. In addition to helping stores increase their business, they can provide consumers with wonderful discounts. So, browse your favorite online stores and see if they have a membership or a program that would benefit you monetarily.

One such program, which has been very popular, is Amazon Prime. If you are a frequent Amazon customer, this membership is definitely worth it. And like most memberships, there are other perks such as access to the Kindle Lending Library, Amazon Premium Music, and Amazon Video. But, in favor of saving money by eliminating shipping costs, it can easily pay for itself in no time. 

Another great example of a program that can help you save some money is one from PetCareRx and is called PetPlus. If you are ordering medication for your pet, chances are you are doing it regularly. PetPlus provides free standard shipping and wholesale prices on products as well as other member benefits. The cost for this membership is $ 50 per year and like Amazon Prime, if you order from the site often it will pay for itself.

Along with frequently shopped store memberships, you should also keep an eye out for programs like Refer a Friend. Normally you will receive a discount for referring a friend who makes a purchase and often the friend receives a discount as well. You don’t have to rely on your boyfriend to make a purchase to get the discount, but if you both shop online often for the same types of items, it can be a win-win situation. 

Social media methods for Shopping Online

It’s pretty much unusual these days if a store doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, or both. But, what many don’t realize is that special offers are often encouraged by this social media. If you follow a store on a site like Facebook, you will normally see their current business right in your news feed.

As far as Twitter goes, it works the same way where you can see upcoming promotions while browsing your feed. However, if you create a personalized listing on Twitter for the stores you follow, it becomes even easier. Then when you access Twitter, just select that list and view all the latest tweets from your favorite stores. More often than not, you’ll see a lot that you would have missed out on otherwise.

So, remember that social media can be an easy way to find deals that will save your money when shopping. Most stores have their Facebook and Twitter links right on their main page now. And, if you change your mind, you can always “unlike” their page or unfollow them. 

Simple tips 


An easy way to always stay up to date on the latest offers is by signing up for the store’s newsletter. In the store’s newsletter, you will get various promotional and discount codes like brewdog discount code. Almost every online store offers some type of newsletter that you can receive via email. These communications deliver practical sales information, special promotions and Discount Codes right to your inbox. There are often incentives given just for signing up, like 10 percent off your next purchase. You can also find promo codes from various online websites like

The world of online shopping is changing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with the terminology. Here are some terms we think everyone should know for their own good!

Now, signing up for every newsletter out there can end up flooding your inbox and these transactions could easily get overlooked. However, if you only have a few stores that you shop at often, check out their available newsletter options. 

Sales and Clearance 

Another very simple thing about shopping online is to check the sell or play section first. This may seem obvious; however, many who are looking for a particular item will head to the search box for everything. sequel and miss a lot.

For example, while you can click on the Jeans section because that’s exactly what you need, it means you just missed the clearance sale on some brands. Or, if you are looking for a way to spend your store gift card, then jumping to the first sale or game section is definitely worth your time, because you may end up with more bang for your buck. 

Do You Have Money Saving Tips for Shopping Online? 

We’ve covered several different ways for you to save money shopping online, but there’s bound to be more. Do you have a hidden gem we missed? Is there a secret to saving money that you want to share? You can ask us in the comment box.