A heated jacket is a great option if you spend a lot of time outside in the winter months . It’s gone days when you had to run out the door in the morning only to be met by the cold bite of winter.

Heated jackets: All you need to know

Are you skeptical about heated jackets Continue reading to find out the answers to your questions about heated jackets.

How do heated jackets actually work?

Heated jackets are similar to heated blankets or heated car seats. Each jacket has a copper heating zone that is electronically powered. It is powered by an internal battery pack. The jacket can be toggled on/off by a temperature control. There are up to three heating settings on the Volter Shield II.

How long does the battery pack last?

You can expect to get up to two hours of continuous heating with our entry-level Voltera and Volter Loft I heated jackets, and up to six hours with the Voltera III and Volter Shield II. However, this should be used only in short bursts to save some battery power so you have enough to heat your body when it is really needed. The heated jackets for women is sold with the battery. The battery can slowly degrade over time so we recommend that you disconnect it when you’re not wearing the jacket.

Fun Fact: Your smartphone can also be charged!

How long does it take for heated jackets to heat up?

The heated jackets won’t heat up instantly. It will take some time for them to warm up to the point that you can feel the benefits. After you have warmed up completely, the heating function will stop. Instead, our insulating THERMOGUARD technology can take over and retain the body heat.

Are heated jackets safe?

Yes. Yes. Heated jackets can be safely used, but there is some doubt about their safety as electricity and water are not a good combination. We recommend that the jacket be removed immediately and the battery disconnected if it gets wet. However, the jacket will not be damaged by getting wet. The jacket’s temperature control is waterproof. You can wash it in your washer as long as you remove the USB battery before washing. You should avoid wearing a heated jacket to protect yourself from serious illnesses or chronic conditions such as anemia, low blood pressure or paralysis, diabetes, heart disease, or any other condition that can cause poor circulation.

The battery is protected by several safety features including:

  • * Over Charge & Discharge Protection
  • * Protection from Over Voltage
  • * Current Protection
  • * Short Circuit Protection
  • * Protection from Over- & Undertemperature
  • * Back Protection

What about overheating?

The jackets are controlled by an internal thermostat so they heat only to the temperature you set. The jacket will automatically turn off if it reaches a temperature higher than the set temperature.