In most homes, the garage is the most underutilized space, as people spend only a few minutes there per day. Garage remodeling is a way to make the most of your garage space, to increase its functionality. This involves adding more facilities such as storage facilities, additional lighting, new coats of paint, as well as a new floor finish. In recent times, most homeowners have turned to their garage as a means of increasing their living space. This article will give a rough estimate of what a garage remodel costs as well as reasons why it is worth it.   

Difference Between Garage Remodel and Garage Conversion 

While both terms are used interchangeably sometimes, there is a difference between garage remodel and garage conversion. Also known as garage renovation,  garage remodel refers to an improvement on your existing garage space, by adding new facilities. Garage conversion, on the other hand, refers to changing your garage into a living area. This could mean converting your garage to a gym, a game room, or even a spare bedroom. 

The Cost of Garage Remodel

The cost of garage remodel varies based on the types of improvement that are being carried out. The cost of a garage remodel ranges from $1500 to $50000. You can decide to do a simple remodel, which entails setting up shelves, giving the floor a new coat, and painting the walls. A major remodeling entails setting up walls and insulation in the garage. 

Why You Need A Garage Remodeling? Is It Worth It?

Garage remodeling is worth it if you have the means. There is so much more than you can do with your garage, than just parking your cars in it. Below are reasons why you need garage remodeling. 

  • Increased Functionality: One of the major reasons for remodeling a garage is to increase its functionality. Some garages can only take one car when you need it to the house to three cars. A garage remodel can help you to create more room for your cars. 
  • Storage: If utilized properly, your garage can be a great means of storage in the home. You can store car repair tools, gardening tools, as well as other heavy items in the garage. Asides from storing tools in your garage, you can also use the space in it as a workshop.
  • Gym: Your garage can also double as your home gym. All you need to do is set up weights and a treadmill. With a coated floor, you do not have to bother about moisture buildup while working out in the garage. What is more? Having storage facilities in your gym means that you can keep your mats, skipping ropes, and other small items securely.
  • Outdoor Space: For homeowners that enjoy entertaining guests, your garage can serve as an outdoor space. You and your friends can eat and catch up in the garage while taking shade from the sun. 


A garage renovation is a great way to increase the value of your home. The increased functionality, as well as utilization of the garage for other uses, makes it worth it.