Slots have come a long way since they were first invented in 1894. Back then, limited technology dictated what was and was not possible to include on a slot machine. The symbols were pretty basic in these early games, and they mostly consisted of playing card faces and lucky charms. Furthermore, there were only 3 reels with a single active pay line, to fit all these symbols onto – check out

However, it was only a matter of time before inventors played around and experimented with this format. To add more reels and more symbols would take a huge effort as the early slots were all handcrafted, but inventors managed to make slot machines bigger and better, and this helped to attract more and more gamblers to them. 

Technology and Slots 

Technology has always been the driver of slot game development and the 1960s saw the creation of the first electric slot machine. The 70s and 80s were years when slot developers experimented with video slot technology, and this helped create a larger variety of slot symbols. Wild symbols then began to play a major part in slot games and once virtual video slots took off at online casinos, wild symbols had become part of the slot gaming furniture and they became supercharged as well. 

Wilds: A Closer Look 

The main purpose of a wild symbol is to mimic other symbols on a slot platform. It is thought that the origins of wild symbols on slots can be traced back to the Joker in a deck of playing cards. Wilds make slots interesting, and they are a gambler’s friend. Without them, slot gaming would be a far less interesting experience, and winning would be a rare event for the majority of punters. 

Modern Day Slots and Wilds 

In today’s hi-tech world of online gambling, wild symbols in video slot games have taken on a life of their own. They serve many more functions than just mimicking other symbols and wilds are at the heart of many bonus rounds as well. 

Sticky Wilds 

The most popular and inventive wild symbols that can be regularly encountered in the modern slot gaming world are sticky wilds. This can be found in a base game of a slot, but they are more commonly the focus of a free spin bonus round. A few slots that employ sticky wilds to great effect include Wild West Gold, Rumple Wildspins, and Hand of Midas. Wild West Gold and Hand of Midas add multipliers to their sticky wilds, whilst Rumple Wildspins uses them in the more traditional sense, as they just stick to the reels for the duration of an entire free spins round but do not hide or display any multipliers within them. 

Expanding Wilds 

Expanding wilds can also increase the chances of landing a big win and this is because when they are in their expanding mode, they can grow to fill entire reels. Fat Rabbit, Fat Santa, Tomb Stone, and eye of horus not on gamstop are just a few of the slots that employ them.

Roaming Wilds 

In contrast to sticky wilds, roaming wilds walk the reels when they are activated. These can be seen in action in numerous slots such as King Kong Cash and The Invisible Man. You do need quite a few of these wilds to connect favourably to win big, and the same applies to expanding and sticky wilds as well.