A removable partial denture is a type of orthodontic prosthetic device (like full dentures) that is used as a replacement for missing teeth. Made up of false teeth attached to a plastic (acrylic) base, these removable partial dentures are usually held in position with metal clasps that go around the wearer’s surrounding natural teeth.

Similar to full dentures, removable partial dentures are usually quite durable and can last for several years with proper maintenance. However, they may require some repairs during the course of their lifespan. Below are some of the repairs that can be carried out on removable partial dentures.

A Midline Fracture Repair

In order to properly brush and floss their teeth, a wearer will need to take out their removable partial denture. Even with the best care, this constant removal of the partial can increase the likelihood of it accidentally dropping and breaking. When this happens, the partial denture may crack into two pieces, and this is called a midline fracture. Thankfully, the pieces can be put back together.

A midline fracture repair is when the denture technician uses a denture adhesive or plaster to put the two pieces of your partial denture together. If there is any excess space after the repair, the technician will use some cast to fill it up before refitting the denture.

Broken Clasps Repair

As mentioned earlier, removable partial dentures typically come with metal clasps and it is possible for these clasps to break, leaving the denture unstable. This is a fairly easy problem to fix. After assessing the nature of the damage, the denture technician will either repair the old clasps or, in cases of severe damage, add new clasps to the denture.

Denture Reline

A removable partial denture can be relined in the same way a full denture can be relined. This reline is often necessary when the partial denture’s base begins to fit loosely as a result of changes to the gums and mouth tissues. When done correctly, the reline will improve the fit of the partial denture and make it more comfortable to wear.

Fixing a Broken Tooth

It is also possible for a tooth of a removable partial denture to break or chip. When this happens, the denture technician fills the chipped tooth before filing it into size. Alternatively, the chipped or broken tooth can be completely replaced with a new one. This is, however, only done in cases of severe damage.

Tooth Addition

Depending on the design of the denture (and the location of the new tooth), it is possible for a new tooth to be added to a removable partial denture. A removable partial denture with a base that extends near the intended position of the new teeth is ideal for tooth additions. Removable partial dentures with acrylic bases also allow for easier tooth additions than Flexi-dentures.

Additional Adjustments

Minor adjustments like; tightening of denture’s clasps, improving the bite of your dentures, and adjusting the areas where your partials rub against your tongue and cheeks can also be carried out on removable partial dentures. These minor adjustments are usually necessary after you get denture repairs or fitted for new partials.


Removable partial dentures are an excellent teeth replacement option for a few missing teeth, and while they may be made from highly durable materials, repairs will eventually be required. For custom dentures and denture repairs, you will want to get a reliable company like The Denture Shop.