The first day of any new job can be particularly daunting. Getting used to new surroundings and being comfortable with meeting new people all play a big part in how quickly you may deal with the situation you now find yourself in.

Having faith in yourself will be important as you strive to fit in as effortlessly as possible. Dressing properly, yet retaining comfort for yourself, will give you added confidence about the way you look and the way you go about your work. If other staff members can sense your aura of self-assuredness, it may have a positive effect on them too.

There is a wide range of clothes available to women these days, with options aplenty to suit differing budgets.  Asides from normal department stores, the arrival of internet shopping on the scene has dramatically increased the selection of outfits on offer.

It may depend on which type of job you are doing, whether the dress code is formal or casual but rest assured there is something there for everyone. It can be important to make a good impression on your first day as many will begin to judge you from the moment you set foot in the door.

Choose Comfortable Shoes

There may be a fine balance here as you may wish to choose shoes that are very stylish or stand out. People tend to take note of classy shoes and you have probably splashed out on a new pair for your new job.

Again, depending on what type of job it is may have swayed your mind in certain directions, but one thing is for sure, footwear can play an important role for many reasons. It may be nice to look good for yourself and to others, but there is no point in doing this at the expense of yourself.

Picking the wrong shoes to wear can set you up for a painful day at work. There’s no fun to be had trudging around all day in shoes that don’t fit correctly or are not comfortable.

Not even admiring glances or gushing compliments can numb the feeling of how sore your feet will be feeling if your shoes are not suited. It is possible to get shoes that have a mixture of style and comfort, but this is one area where it may be better to go with something a bit more practical.

Picking the Right Outfit

You may get a good idea of what the dress code for the job is while waiting for your interview. Make sure to check out and make a note of what the other employees are wearing so you can dress accordingly.

If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to ask the person who is interviewing you as to whether there is a particular dress code or not. You will certainly not wish to turn up dressed casually in a formal workplace setting. It is better to overdress but the right selection of clothes could see you fit into all scenarios.

It’s hard to go wrong with a simple black dress or black pants with a white shirt. A simple yet effective combination that can exude both style and confidence in one’s self without being too dramatic.

There has been an increase in the number of women wearing slimming pants for work because as well as making women look good, they also feel good about themselves, which can only promote a positive feeling in their attitude and the workplace. They can be quite versatile in use so you may own a pair already. Again, comfort will be a factor here so ensure you get a pair that fits you correctly.

Don’t Stop There

While fashion may play an important role in the clothes or shoes you wear, other choices can give out a positive, friendly vibe just as well. Wearing a nice perfume can instantly make people happy to talk to you or keen to work with you.

There won’t be any snide comments behind your back if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from body odor or just don’t take care of yourself. A smelly workmate can become more of an issue than you think. Simply by wearing your favorite perfume, you can feel a radiant glow from yourself and this will rub off on other people.

Maybe you would feel better wearing a fresh haircut if the hairdressers are open that is.  A new job means a new start, so best to go in looking as best as possible, without venturing too much on the wild side. Just a slight trim to make you feel and look good, nothing too trendy or out there.

While some women like to wear a lot of makeup, the first day on a new job may not be the time to go overboard. It may give off the wrong idea or if anything may put too much pressure on you to continue the same look constantly.