Exeter is the region, which offers several activities to do, no matter the weather and time of the day. Explore the city’s many attractions – use public transport, rent a car or enjoy walking and visiting several places in Exeter! 

Places you need to see in Exeter

Please find places highly recommended to visit in Exeter:

  1. Exeter Cathedral built in the XII century. Inside the building, you can admire the longest preserved gothic vault in the world. In the northern part you can find a 15th-century astronomical clock presenting the geocentric structure of the universe in force at that time. 
  2. Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery with 16 types of exhibitions, which take visitors on a historical trip from pre-history to the present day and from Exeter to all around the world.
  3. Exeter Quayside, which is a charming mix of historic and modern design. You can find here antique shops, go for a walk, rent a bike, order great food or take a boat trip
  4. Exeter’s Underground Passages, which are the only passages of this kind open to the public in Great Britain. Underground Passages were built to accommodate the pipes that brought clean drinking water into Exeter city during medieval times. 
  5. Custom House, which was built in the XVII century for the purpose of the increasing trade seen at Exeter Quay, especially of the woolen cloth industry. The building is believed to be the oldest brick building, which survived in Exeter.
  6. The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, which is close to Exeter (just a short drive). This is a great opportunity for families with children – this sanctuary is a charity that rescues and takes care of donkeys, by visiting them you will support their being! 

Huge range of accommodation

As Exeter is a great place to visit and it’s not so easy to see interesting places and feel Exter’s vibes during one day only, there are several options to find an accommodation in Exeter:

  1. Hotels with huge range of facilities, like: catering, parking, restaurants, fitness center, pool, 
  2. Airbnb with fancy accommodation options, like: 2-floors apartments, vintage furnitures, memorable houses.
  3. Camping, which enables you to spend time closer to nature and in a comfortable way!

Doesn’t matter on the trip’s purpose: business, private with friends, family holidays, trip with a pet, alone sightseeing and budget limitations; everyone will find a suitable place to stay in Exeter!