Nowadays, because of the pandemic, the laptop has become a need for everyone. Some people need it for office work; some people want to buy it to deliver and take online lectures and for many more reasons. All of them have different requirements according to their work. But not everyone knows about how they can buy the best laptop. Even at this wrong time, some scammers easily trap them by selling faulty laptops to them. So, to find more suitable laptops for yourself to aid you in your work and study, see

Guidelines for choosing the best laptop

Different companies sell the best laptops like HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Before selecting the computer according to your need, check all necessary details listed below:


Always choose a laptop that has the best screen. Before buying a computer, make sure you have checked its screen resolution, panel type, and size. If you are buying a laptop of range Rs 40,000, make sure it has an IPS display. It should have a higher resolution; for example, it must have a full HD screen – 1080p. Go for the laptop that has 12.5 to 14 inches as they are more portable. Laptops having a big screen are suitable for watching movies, dramas, etc.


Laptops weighing more than 1.5 kg is OK for home-usage. But if you are looking for a computer for office use or college or university, go for a lightweight laptop as you have to carry it from your home to your office destination or university. 

Screen and weight

11 to 12 inches

This system is the thinnest and the lightest and weighs around 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. 

13 to 14 inches

This system is considered the best laptop due to the balance of usability and portability. It weighs around 4 pounds and is perfect for office use.

15 to 16 inches

A laptop with 15 inches screen size is recommendable if you need larger screens and weighs around 4 to 5.5 pounds. Sixteen-inch screen display size is rare, but Apple is starting a trend of this size by launching a 16 inch MacBook Pro.

17 to 18 inches

A laptop having this display size is perfect if you want a computer to stay on the desk all time and need high processing power. You can play games on it and can also do some workstation level productivity.


Do not buy a laptop having RAM of 2 GB; go for 4 GB. But 8 GB RAM is the most recommended; you can even buy a 16 GB RAM computer or more for multitasking. Laptops having that large RAM is best for programmers, photo, and video editors.

For light use like office work, browsing websites, watching videos online

RAM should be 4GB, and SSD should be 256GB.

For medium use like programmers, photo editing

The processor should be core i3 – i5 with RAM ranging from 4GB – 8GB, and SSD storage should be 512GB.

For bulky and demanding use like gamers, video editing, animations, graphic designing work

Core i9 processor or above with RAM ranging from 16GB – 32GBGB.

Storage capacity

It is OK if your device has more storage because you can save more media, files, and many more things. Your device will boot without any imperfection flawlessly, and in the background, your laptop will perform all actions seamlessly. There are three different types of hard drives, i.e., HDD, SSD, and SSHD.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

It offers a vast storage size at a very reasonable price per GB.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

For faster and best responses, buy a laptop having 8 to 16 GB SSD. Try to choose 2TB solid state memory drives over the hard disk drives (HDD). It offers multitasking performance and provides smooth booting.

Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD)

It offers maximum storage capacity than HDD and SSD. SSHD is also available at a reasonable price and has OK booting and loading.

Operating system (OS)

There are three different types of operating systems, i.e., Windows, macOS, Linux.


The latest version of windows is windows ten, but windows 7,8 are also available. Both windows are easy to use, but windows 10 is better for work and study use. Most devices are compatible with using windows 10 in their system. 


MacOS 10.5 is the latest version for macOS naming ‘Catalina.’ This version is less vulnerable to security lapses. This OS has a simplified user interface and ease of multitasking. 


This operating system is an open-source OS and is secure to malicious programs. For coders, this OS supports a wide range of programming languages. Linux is reliable and never compromise on their performance. 

Graphics card

If you are a laptop for gaming, do not forget to check its graphic card. Graphic card models play a vital role in gaming; graphic RAM does not have any special effects on the game. GTX is better for gaming laptops than GTS, and in Nvidia, GTS is better than GT.


Keyboard quality matters a lot for those who have a long typing session, especially for programmers. So chose that laptop that has squished number pads keyboard.

Battery life

Do not forget to check the battery life of your laptop before buying. It should be of at least 5 – 6 hours; it would be great if your battery offers 8 hours of battery life. 

USB ports

If you are in search for a slim laptop, check its USB port first, as they compromise on it. Your laptop should have 3.0 or 3.1 USB ports and have both A and C type options. It offers speeds and functionality. For connecting your laptop with the TV, it should have HDMI or any other display port.


Laptops are now a necessity for every person. From the above article, we will conclude how to buy the best laptop according to your need. It will help you from scammers, as they are always in the market to trap you. To avoid being trapped by them, you should follow the guidelines mentioned above.

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