The television watching experience and the expectations of consumers have radically changed over the last few decades. In the early days of television, the entire family used to gather around one television set and watch programs that used to come on for family entertainment.

But today, in almost every middle-class household, a sleek wall mounted 43 or 52-inch smart TV is a common fixture in most rooms for individual viewing pleasure. Individuals have shifted from television programs and switched to different cloud-based streaming services.

Most of these cloud-based systems also offer HD display services which can only be enjoyed through high quality, full HD television. With a wide variety of brands offering high quality TVs with many different features and sizes, it can get difficult to select the one to take home.

These TVs come in quite the range of prices as well. For instance, a Samsung TV price falls somewhere in the square middle of most ranges, making it affordable for most. Of the spectrum of the size range, a 43-inch TV happens to be the most commonly purchased size of the lot.

Features to look for when buying a 43 inch smart TV

The following is a list of factors to look for when buying a 43 inch TV:

  1. Full HD resolution – Clarity is a primary factor in the viewing experience for most smart consumers today. So, all prospective TV buyers should look for a full HD resolution for rich and vivid picture quality.
  2. 4 channel surround sound – With a high-quality TV, there should not be any need for a separate sound system. So, consumers must look for an immersive sound output of a 4-channel system.
  3. A remote-controlled smart hub – Most individuals prefer a one-stop location to stream all their favourite content from cloud-based services, apps, their set-top box and gaming consoles. So, this facility is also an important factor to look for.
  4. A built-in set-top box – An in-built set-top box reduces the eye-sore of messy cable wires around a well-placed, beautiful television set.
  5. Voice assistant – Voice assistants make life a lot easier by providing a prompt response in bringing up the content of choice and saves users from going through the whole sifting process. It can also help control other smart devices in the house.
  6. Personal computer – Many 43-inch TV sets double as personal computers with facilities to work with a wireless, Bluetooth keyboard or mirror your laptop onto the big screen. Some also have facilities to access the office computer remotely.

However, these facilities often come with a hefty price tag. Of these, a Samsung TV price is relatively on the affordable side.

  • Auto hotspot and home cloud – The former feature automatically turns the internet on in the TV through a mobile phone. The home cloud features allow one to save the important files to the smart TV automatically, thereby ensuring data safety. These features are a big bonus for most prospective TV buyers.

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The above list comprises the most common features consumers look for when buying a 43-inch TV for their home. A lot of brands offer these specific sets of features and are perfect for your home. Of the reasonably priced lot, there is MI and a few others. A Samsung TV price is also reasonable for the features they offer.