Are you looking to buy a new laptop for your business? Do you want something you can carry around anywhere and able to perform for extended periods? Then you need to invest in a durable laptop.

The pandemic is changing the way people conduct their daily lives and businesses. Thus, some quarters believe that manufacturers should merge laptops and smartphones to give the best of both worlds to consumers. Though there are laptops that you can convert into tablets, they still cannot beat the toughness of a durable laptop.

The question now is what are the key elements to look for when buying a durable work laptop? Continue reading below for the crucial answers.

The Build Quality

Though buying a new laptop became more challenging because of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean you should be reckless in your choices. Since sturdiness is the name of the game when searching for a durable laptop, you need to look into the product’s build quality.

Most business laptops are tough enough for anyone to carry around anywhere. This is why business-grade laptops supplant a regular work computer in mobility.

Some of these laptops can withstand some of the toughest environments. If your work entails moving to different locations like construction sites and factories, you can expect a rugged laptop to perform at a high level for years.

As for the materials, check if the laptop uses durable ones. These include carbon fiber, magnesium casing, and reinforced plastic. These materials can withstand the impact that may cause dents to a laptop that features aluminum.

You may even find laptops that come with military-grade certifications. Some even feature bumpers and armor. This allows you to take them to places like mines and oil rigs.

Battery Life Counts

Another key factor to consider when buying a durable laptop is battery life. You want to invest in a laptop that performs at a high level without plugging into the electric socket.

Here, you will have to determine how often you will be using your laptop without power access. Does your business entail meeting people outside of the office most of the time? Then you need a laptop that comes with remarkable battery life.

You may also consider investing in add-on batteries. These things can further extend your laptop’s battery life.

However, there is a trade-off. Add-on batteries will add to the weight of the laptop. If you’re always on the go, you want to make sure the weight of your laptop doesn’t bother you.

The Internal Components

External durability is essential. However, you also cannot neglect your laptop’s internal workings. You need to check the quality of the laptop’s internal components.

Check the capacitors and board material. Today, you can find motherboards that feature components of different grades and quality. This is usually the case if you take the DIY route.

Though this can save you hundreds of dollars, you don’t have the guarantee of quality. Thus, never settle for laptops with low-end CPUs. You may get away with midrange CPUs but there is still that risk in terms of performance and longevity.

It is always best to invest in Intel Core i3 or i5 for your CPU. These options can cover all your business requirements from creating documents to storing photos and streaming media.

Also, check the memory and storage of the laptop. Ideally, you want to invest in a laptop that comes with a solid-state drive (SDD). This is on top of the hard disk drive (HDD).

This combination will give you long-term storage. As for the random-access memory (RAM) that deals with short-term memory, avoid buying anything with only 2GB of RAM. Instead, your minimum should be 4GB.

If you can, take the RAM game to the next level by going for an 8GB or 16GB option. Of course, this will depend on the type of work you’re doing.

Less Flash, Solid on Basics

Another key element to look for in a durable laptop is the fundamentals. You want to get something that has less flash but solid in terms of the basics.

Expect a rugged laptop to give you limited gimmicks. Instead, expect it to cover everything a dependable work PC does. Don’t expect it to come with several speakers. The same thing goes for colorful keyboards that light up every time you press the keys.

Since they prioritize function over style, some of these laptops may look boring to many. Their designs lean more on the conservative side.

However, they have all the basic specifications you need. These include integrated graphics and a CPU. The CPU may even come from the previous generation. Again, they don’t focus on the latest hardware and software editions.

As long as the components provide reliable performance, you should be good. Additionally, they come with fewer components. In turn, you will have few instances where you need to replace or repair certain parts.

Check the Warranty

Last but not least, check the warranty that comes with the laptop. Generally, a rugged laptop should come with a longer warranty compared to consumer-grade laptops. You can find laptops that come with two-year to three-year warranties.

This is because the manufacturers know that their products will not fail easily in a short period. Also, these laptops come with durable chassis. This means top-notch protection for the internal components.

Leading laptop manufacturers like Lenovo offer products that cover roughly all of these essential factors. Check out for some of the best business laptops today.

In case you have a tight budget, you can start with a refurbished business laptop. It may not be brand new, but you can still expect a decent level of durability on top of a more affordable price tag.

Additionally, some refurbished laptops still come with warranties. However, don’t expect the coverage to be as extensive as what you’ll get from a brand new business laptop.

Benefits of Buying a Durable Laptop: Drop Protection

Let’s dive deeper into the key advantages of buying a durable laptop. We established that these things can withstand some of the toughest conditions. However, you may wonder about the specific instances where their durability shines the most.

For starters, a durable work laptop is should be drop-proof. This means it can survive most accidental drops. This may happen if you’re running from one spot to another with your laptop slipping from your grip. Since they are drop-proof, you can be sure that the internal components can withstand a strong impact.

Furthermore, the laptop’s strong casing will keep all the hardware in place. You don’t have to worry much about cracking or breaking over the next few years.

Beats Most Spills and Vibrations

Apart from accidental drops to the floor, your laptop can also survive most spills. The keyboards of sturdy laptops are spill-proof and water-resistant. This means it can still function without problems after accidentally spilling water or coffee on the keyboard.

Also, these laptops come with drainage holes. This allows water to flow through the bottom of the units. Furthermore, you can expect the laptop to brush off strong or persistent vibrations.

With a consumer-grade laptop, you may start losing data if you’re working in a vibrating environment. On the flip side, a durable business laptop comes with a hard drive that can take the impact of strong vibrations.

Moreover, a business laptop is also dust-resistant. This means you don’t have to worry about dust accumulating fast and ruining the internal components.

Withstands Electromagnetic Fields

You can also depend on your business laptop to work well near electromagnetic fields. These include power generators and radio transmissions that may be present in your line of work. You can’t expect conventional laptops to work under such conditions without issues.

Better Security and IT Management

Last but not least, a rugged business laptop offers impressive security. Most business laptops come with fingerprint scanners. This keeps any unauthorized person from snooping on your laptop.

Also, they come with software that offers more flexibility in managing and securing the laptop. Some of these laptops allow the integration of mobile device management solutions. In turn, your device becomes more user-friendly.

It will also reduce your expenses when it comes to data and file security. Furthermore, most business laptops offer security subscriptions. You can invest in these products to boost your security, especially if you’re handling tons of sensitive data.

These are important aspects any business owner should take seriously. Analysts predict that cybercrime will inflict a total of $6 trillion in damages this year. As a result, people will spend 15% more in battling cybercrimes through 2025.

Maximize Your Laptop’s Performance

By investing in a durable laptop, you will have a device you can rely on, especially during the most demanding situations. All you need is to buy from a reputable source and find the best deals available. However, securing a business laptop is only the first step.

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