It can be tough to find a good dentist, especially when you’re not quite sure what to look for. Patients—and parents of young children—want dentists who are compassionate, understanding, and focused on providing quality care. Here, potential patients will learn what makes a good dentist and how to find one.

A Focus on the Patient Experience

After quality of care, the patient experience should be a dentist’s primary focus. To take the step from ‘good’ to ‘great’, a caregiver should listen to their patients, make them feel at ease, and explain the work they’re doing. When dentists get to know their patients, it’s easier for them to provide individualized care. If you’re wondering “How can I find a great “Dentist Near Me“, we can help. Contact us today.

Educating Patients

Most patients are unfamiliar with dental terminology, so they’ll need an explanation when climbing into the chair for the first time. A good dentist will patiently and clearly explain the process, without rushing you through.‍

A Clean and Welcoming Environment

Cleanliness is a crucial part of a successful dental practice—that goes without saying! Dentists spend their days doing surgeries, cleanings, and exams, and if things aren’t kept clean, it becomes easier to transmit diseases, germs, and bacteria. If a dentist’s office isn’t clean and inviting, think about what else they may be neglecting.

No Unnecessary Treatments

Some dentists are only in it for the money—so they’ll try to upsell patients. However, effective dentists are medical professionals, not salespeople. An ethical, good dentist won’t recommend any unnecessary work, and they won’t perform procedures a patient hasn’t requested.

A Long-Range Outlook

Dentists should be focused on building long-term relationships with patients. They should offer follow-up calls, appointment reminders, and other services that make patients feel like a priority. If a dentist treats every visit like a one-off occurrence, they may not be invested in a patient’s oral health.

Caring About People

If a dentist leaves you feeling like nothing but a number, it’s a big cause for concern. Dentists should invest in patients before, during, and after office visits. Along with follow-up calls and personalized questionnaires, they should take other steps to get to know patients.

Treating Staff Well

Along with the other criteria on this list, it’s important to consider how well a dentist treats their staff and manages the office. If a dentist is rude or inattentive to their office staff, take your business elsewhere.

Respecting Patients’ Needs

Good dentists know the value of a patient’s money and time. They won’t make you wait for hours or recommend unnecessary, costly treatments. Rather, they’ll understand that every patient is a person with different needs, and they’ll strive to provide the highest possible level of service.

Get the Right Care

Whether you’re looking for a dentist that provides Invisalign in Essex or any other treatment for yourself or a family member, there are a few important considerations to make during the selection process. By choosing a dentist who meets the above criteria, you’ll be more likely to form a working relationship that stands the test of time. Request additional information online or call today to schedule an appointment.