There’s no better feeling than bringing home a new puppy. Watching the little bundle of fur discover their new surroundings and getting into mischief you never thought possible will bring smiles and laughter. The down side? Most puppies are not potty trained and you’ll have to take on the task of teaching your new canine friend that it’s not ok to do his/her business all over your home. Sounds a little daunting, right? It is! We’ve put together a quick guide on what to do when your new puppy isn’t potty trained.

Don’t Punish Them!

Your dog is not a human and he/she will not be able to build the link between doing their business in the wrong place and your raised voice. So the key is don’t punish your dog like he/she is a human. 

Take Things Outside

Picture a cold winter’s day with rain pouring outside. It would be very tempting to wait a little bit longer in the warmth before taking your puppy outside to go to the toilet. Five minutes later and your couch is now covered in wee. Not only will you be annoyed, you will have broken the process of getting your puppy into the habit of going outside to go to the toilet, which leads to confusion.

Reward And Praise

Puppies and dogs love to please their owners, so when they know they are doing something that makes you happy, they will be more than willing to repeat it. By rewarding your puppies with treats and giving them lots of praise when they use the toilet outside, you will be reinforcing the idea that they have done something that makes you happy. That will register in their heads and they’ll want to make you happy again.

Use An Enzyme Cleaner For Accidents

There will be times when your puppy has accidents in places where they’re not meant to  – it is an inevitable part of potty training. This creates a real problem for you, as the nasty smell of urine is very hard to remove. For the puppy, and if you have children, it will be a worry that the harmful chemicals used in most conventional household cleaners could cause health issues. By using an organic, completely natural enzyme cleaner, all of that stress goes away. It is neither harmful to pets or children and it is also perfect for potty training your puppy as it is designed to remove odours and stains caused by faeces and urine. The enzymes within the cleaner eat away at the source of the smells and stains, completely removing them rather than simply masking their effects.

Patience is required when potty training your puppy, but if you follow our tips above, the whole process will become much easier. Not only will you be happy, but you will also have a happier puppy that will brighten up your home every day.