Experiencing warm air in summer is like a nightmare. We rely on our air conditioning units to give us cool air and make us feel comfortable while we are inside a home. But when it starts to give warm air out of a sudden on a hot summer day, it will leave you searching for the number of an emergency Air Conditioner Service in Sacramento. When an Ac is blowing warm air, whether it could be due to a large problem or small issues

As a homeowner, you may not be aware of the minor problems that can cause this problem.

Here are some of the things you need to do for solving the problem before you call an AC professional:

Check Your Air Filters

AC systems include air filters that are designed to eradicate dirt and other pollutants from the inside air while they function. But, you must be replacing them regularly. Keeping an air filter for a long time can restrict the airflow to the air conditioning system. The air will not move to the air conditioner if the air filters are dirty. Today, we also have air filters that are made to remove small airborne particles. Since the air filters attract all the dirt, debris, and other particles in the air, they need to be changed for proper airflow. So, clean them and replace them when they are dirty. If the issue doesn’t resolve even after changing or cleaning air filters, the cause of the problem is other.

You May Have Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak is not good.  It is a leak where the refrigerant leak through cracks and holes developed in the coils in which the refrigerant circulates. An AC system can blow warm air if there is a refrigerant leak. One of the common reasons why you have warm air coming out of your Air conditioning system is leaking refrigerant. Having low refrigerant while your Ac is operating can increase your electricity bills too. Refrigerant leaks need to be assessed by a licensed professional providing cooling and Heating Repair in Sacramento

Check Your Thermostat Settings

Check first if the blower fan is moving and it is turned on. If it is on, this means it will work all the time even when the ac is not cooling. In this case, the thermostat settings need to be changed to AUTO mode. Make sure you have selected the cool settings. So, don’t forget to check thermostat settings if your AC is blowing warm air.


Unmaintained Condenser Unit

If you have a dirty and unmaintained condenser unit, you are likely to experience warm air from your Ac unit. The condenser unit is kept outside, though it is a part of Air conditioner. Dirt and debris accumulation in a condenser unit can prevent an AC unit from providing cool air. Because when dirt and other debris are stuck inside the condenser unit, it may restrict airflow and cause your air conditioner to function correctly. Thus, regular cleaning and maintenance of the condenser units is not something to miss out on.

Last, if the above-mentioned things don’t solve the problem, you need to call a good air conditioning and Water Heater Installation in Sacramento.