One day in a busy life, happiness, fun, dance, taste, and peace is what we offer in our “Arabian Night Safari.” We organize our events; we look at the details; to make a trip to the desert safari your dream trip to Dubai. Taking it wherever you ask in Dubai, we start with the most enjoyable desert dune journey. It will surely enhance your happiness and energy the next evening.

Quad Bike Or ATV:

The Quad Bike or ATV tour is one of Dubai’s most beautiful outdoor trips. Tours start from the take, and our driver will choose anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah. After downloading, you will proceed to Red Dunes. A quad bike ride is best for you. Join us for a fourteen bike ride during the desert safari Dubai on the red dunes. It is a lifelong process, and we hope you will never forget this off-road driving adventure. On this trip, you can drive through the changing dunes of the desert. Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life.

Once in the Desert, our technology will give you a brief overview of the travel and use of the Automatic Quad bike. Eventually, you would be given a chance to run fast over the red dunes.

After the thrilling dungeon exploding in a 4 × 4 car, we take you to the camp, where you can enjoy the sunset, holding your hearts to slow down moments in your memory as nothing but nature can bring about any better treatment for your eyes.

Desert Activities:

You can buy souvenir items in Arabian shops, dress and photograph, or make a henna tattoo on your hand to show off after your return home. If you need to learn more about sand, quad bikes and camel riding are a must. We served our guests a delicious Arabian BBQ dinner and other veg & non-veg options as the stage progressed.

Sit close to the stage to enjoy the movement and vibration of our famous belly dancer and have a lot of fun with the Tanura dancer.

This is where the real essence of this special journey lies. Starlight and your assignment of solitude, peace is an X element in our “night safari.” Enjoy a clear sky canvas with stars shining like diamonds in the comfort of your sleeping bags and camp. Nothing is more refreshing than the occasional solitude with your loved ones, different from the stressful daily routine. In the morning, our staff will give you a delicious fresh breakfast. You can enjoy everything before our driver takes you home.

Not Included:

  1. Camera Ride “Optional” You must pay an additional 100 AED for 20 minutes.
  2. Quad Biking “Optional” You must pay an additional 100 AED for 20 minutes.
  3. “Optional” horse-riding You have to pay 100 extra AED for 20 minutes.
  4. Alcoholic beverages

Time For Selection and Reduction For Evening Travel:

• Download Time: 3:00 PM To 3:30 PM.

• Departure: 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM.

• Duration: 17 – 18 hours.

Flexible Payment Options:

  1. You can pay cash to the driver on the visit.
  2. You can pay online with our PayPal account.
  3. You can transfer to our bank account.
  4. You can pay by credit card on the day of the trip. “In this case, you have to pay more.”
  5. You can pay with Cryptocurrency; also, We accept Bitcoin, Ethereal and Lit coins.


• All our vehicles are fully equipped with safety features and have full passenger insurance.

• Our staff are trained in first aid and have seat belts fastened to all seats. Everyone should wear seat belts for safety.

• Million Dollars Insurance Policy to protect our clients.

• We have DTCM-certified drivers who are trained in Dune Bashing.

Wat To Do:

  1. A camera is essential if you go to the Dubai desert safari as the ideas are breathtaking and should be respected.
  2. Wear comfortable casual clothing.
  3. Take warm clothes to sleep at night.
  4. Wear flip-flops or sandals.

Wat To Avoid:

• Older people and infants are not recommended for diving but can enjoy other activities.

• Pregnant women are not allowed to wash the mounds and walk at night. They can enjoy a safari evening without dune bashing.