The festive period is one that highlights the importance of relationships and spending time with those you care about. For some people, it can be more difficult than that, especially if you’re single or aren’t able to see family and friends this year. Maybe you’re feeling as though you’d like a change and are feeling lonely even when surrounded by people — it’s always possible, after all. With a lot of pressure during the festive period to seek new experiences or spend time with other people, feeling alone is the last thing you want, so here are some things you can do to tackle that.

Take a Trip

When you’re feeling alone, the last thing you want to do is spend time cooped up at home by yourself. Taking a trip is a great thing to do during the festive period, as there will be so many event opportunities for Christmas and New Year celebrations. For big events like this, you have the option of spending time solo traveling or time to yourself while still being surrounded by new people, or it’s the perfect opportunity to make some new connections wherever you travel to. With New Year’s in particular, countries all over the world will be putting on a show in one way or another, so it’s the prime opportunity to get away from the normal and mingle with new people and cultures.


Lots of services in the community will need a helping hand over Christmas, especially for those trying to help the less fortunate, like the homeless or elderly people alone at Christmas. If you’re feeling as though you want to do something worthwhile with your time, as well as socializing with new people, then looking for voluntary work can be a great opportunity.

If you can’t actively work, you may be able to offer donations up to services that need it (like donating to food banks) and feel better in yourself that you’ve made a difference this festive period.

Try an Escort Service

There’s nothing wrong with simply wanting a bit of fun over the festive period, without any attachments, or without wanting to get back out into the dating world. Maybe you even have a festive party or event you’ve been invited to, and you don’t want to go alone. A professional escort service, like Playgirls Essex, can help you to find the right company when you need it and feel less alone.

Get Connected

If you’re feeling particularly lonely because you’re separated from those you love this holiday season, there’s no reason you still can’t connect with the people who matter. Even if you live alone and a million miles away from family and friends, you can try:

  • Setting up a video call with everyone invited
  • One on one catch-up calls
  • Watch a movie together via video link
  • Play games over video chat
  • Write letters and cards for loved ones to send in the mail

Final Thoughts

Nobody should feel alone during the festive period, and it’s the perfect opportunity to try something new and re-evaluate your own feelings.