Marvels of Medicine – Proton Therapy

Medicine has reached new heights over the last 50 years. Researchers are developing newer and more amazing medicines and treatments to eradicate some of our worst diseases, such as cancer. 

We are fortunate to have exceptional scientists working to improve our health and wellness. We are most fortunate to have advanced-educated doctors who have these new treatments available to the patients, benefiting them the most. The only thing stopping this medical progress is the insurance companies.

Doctors can now order the latest and most extraordinary treatments for their patients fighting cancer. Most doctors who order the best cancer treatments do not order them because they are the most expensive option but because the treatment shows promise and gives the patient newfound hope to eliminate their cancer. 

A treatment such as proton therapy proves promising to the medical community with fewer side effects. Ordering the latest and most excellent treatments is because the treatments prove to work in most patients fighting cancer. 

Medical researchers did not work tirelessly only to have some ill-equipped insurance adjuster deny a needy patient their best chance of survival through proton therapy treatment. 

Most patients cannot afford to pay for the high cost of medicine, which is why people pay for medical health insurance premiums. People still pay a high-cost premium for a health insurance policy, only to be denied coverage.

Yes, there are other cancer-fighting treatments available that are not as costly. However, research continues to find better options that increase the cancer survival rate. These older treatments have an abundance of bitter side effects. 

Doctors are becoming wiser than in years past, increasingly educated, and more in tune with how to treat their patients. Doctors want only the best treatment for their patient that has the highest success rate in fighting cancer. Proton Therapy has proven to shrink tumors and eliminate a deadly cancer diagnosis with fewer side effects. 

Eliminating a deadly diagnosis through the ongoing efforts of medical researchers targeting cancer research is an excellent and significant accomplishment. Many doctors and patients applaud proton therapy’s promise in fighting cancer. Increase your efficacy in your work and bring it to the point with an amazing presentation. All patient health-related data is gathered in one location using the pointclickcare cna login programme.

Insurance adjusters, many without a medical background, review pre-authorization requests and deny the patient due diligence, such as the need for an ordered treatment like proton therapy. The reason is that it is more expensive than other more traditional therapies.

Doctors must work with insurance companies when ordering expensive treatments because some of these tests and treatments require pre-authorization. Pre-authorizations do not happen overnight. Ill-equipped insurance adjusters are what stands between these life-saving treatments and the patient getting healed or dying.  

Insurance companies and those that work for them usually do not have a medical background, like a medical researcher or seasoned doctor. These insurance agents have the power to approve or decline any treatment that the doctor wants a patient to have, such as proton therapy.  

When an insurance company declines a medical service, it is heart-wrenching. The insurance company and its representatives have the last word on whether a patient lives or dies. There seems to be no empathy anymore for patients’ suffering.

Society has made these very unwise insurance agents the last word in our health care over the patient’s doctor. 

  • We must take a quick look at this treatment and why it saves lives.
  • We need to know what to do if we need this treatment and the insurance company does not want to pay for the service. 
  • What can we do if an unqualified insurance adjuster refuses to approve life-saving treatment?

What is Proton Therapy?

This therapy is also called proton beam therapy. Cancer patients have two primary treatments available, chemo and radiation therapy. 

Proton therapy is an advanced radiation therapy targeting a tumor to destroy the tumor cells. While radiation treatments use x-rays to destroy tumor cells, proton therapy directs high-energy beams into the tumor, destroying the tumor cells only. 

Proton therapy takes the expertise of a team of doctors and physicists to focus the beam on a precise tumor location. The proton beam kills tumor cells layer by layer and does no damage to the surrounding healthy cells. Traditional radiation treatments cause burns and often destroy healthy cells and tissues.

Proton beams are precise and accurate, targeting only the outline and inner tumor structure. At this time, proton therapy is available at only a select few medical centers and is showing amazing success rates in eliminating cancer. 

The advantages of using proton therapy are as follows:

  • Proton Therapy is painless.
  • There is no recovery time.
  • Treatments are five days per week for several weeks.
  • Treatments take a matter of minutes.
  • It does not cause scarring or burning.
  • It does not destroy healthy cells and tissue around the tumor.

Why Do Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay for Proton Therapy and Other Necessary Treatments?

Like so many other highly-rated treatment options and tests, proton therapy must be pre-approved by most insurance companies. Insurance companies often create a significant barrier between patients needing specific treatment, their desire to become well, and the patient’s access to life-saving options. 

Many individuals find themselves in a health crisis needing specific medical intervention. However, interventions depend on the pre-authorization of the medical service. 

Unfortunately, too many insurance agents with no medical background deny claims for treatment. Suddenly, this health insurance nightmare becomes an impossible and hopeless situation for cancer patients. Improve your efficiency and bring your task to a stunning conclusion by being more focused. The pointclickcare cna login application collects all patient health-related data in one location.

Insurance denials for necessary treatment have become a massive problem over the last several years. Insurance companies decide who gets treatment and who does not. It is not the doctors who are in charge of their patient’s health; it is the big insurance companies.

The bottom line is money. Insurance companies do not relish paying for expensive tests and treatments, so they require pre-authorization requirements, knowing full well the adjuster will deny authorization for the procedure, usually due to cost factors. 

When the insurance company gets around to approving or disallowing proton therapy and the patient, and their doctor enters an appeal process, it is often too late for the patient. 

Cancer does not stop spreading in anyone’s body because a pre-authorization claim is denied. If the cancer is an aggressive type, the patient does not have time for pre-authorizations and denial processes.

What to Do If Your Insurer Won’t Cover Proton Therapy?

If your life depends upon receiving proton therapy and an insurance adjuster denied your claim to receive this life-saving treatment, it would be best to call a (life-saving) attorney for help. 

It is sad to say that you need to call a seasoned attorney with expertise in proton therapy denial claims. But, it seems as though this is now the way of our world. We must constantly fight for what is good and right. 

It is crucial to have medical treatment when necessitated by your doctor. Insurance companies need to lessen their grip on what doctors prescribe to their patients. Insurance companies try many tricks so they do not have to approve medical claims or pay out compensation. 

Our attorneys are in tune with insurance company tricks. We know the tricks that insurance companies pull for the sake of denying insurance claims. We can and know how to deal with these companies. 

Even if an insurance doctor reviews the patient’s pre-authorization for treatment, this doctor does not know the patient the same as their team of medical professionals. This agent has no idea what is best for the patient.

Most would agree that medical fraud is out of control. However, most doctors are excellent and want nothing more than to see their patients win their fight for wellness over a cancer diagnosis. 

No insurance company has the right to stand in the way of the best treatment possible for any patient. Doctors order proton therapy because they studied the patient’s cancer and believe this treatment is the most effective method to kill the tumor cells. 

Most doctors do not make this decision alone or lightly, but with a team of medical professionals. Denying a patient prompt and correct treatment is unacceptable. 

Legal Steps in the Battle for Proton Therapy

By law, insurance companies must do what is suitable for the patient, and no patient has to accept an insurance denial for proton therapy or any other treatment that their doctor feels is necessary. 

Your first step is to call this bad faith insurance attorney. We have the expertise to deal with insurance companies. 

Never think that insurance companies do not have their own team of attorneys working against the patient. We are fighting for your rights for improved health by following your doctors’ recommendations. 

Our goal for you is to get healthy again and not worry about insurance companies. We are taking on this fight for you and have an impressive winning track record against insurance denials. 

We hold insurance companies accountable for denying necessary life-saving treatments.

Steps We Take to Help You Get the Treatment You Need

  • Insurance claims and denials are all handled by our attorney. If your insurance company calls you about your claim, please tell them that you have hired an attorney who would be glad to answer their questions. Please refer them to us. We want you to rest and heal. 
  • We will investigate if the insurance company is acting in bad faith.
  • We gather the evidence to support your claim.
  • We review your policy and gather evidence to support your claim.
  • We write a letter for you on your behalf to appeal the insurance denial.
  • We represent patients worldwide who needed proton therapy or other ordered treatment and were denied. These insurance adjusters are working for the sake of the almighty dollar. 
  • We work with doctors and review all medical records.
  • We understand the patient’s diagnosis and the need for proton therapy to beat cancer. 
  • We understand that the doctor ordered the one treatment that gives the patient the best possible chance for survival.
  • We prove to the court system that proton therapy is not experimental but a fair and advanced cancer-fighting treatment. 
  • We proved to the court that the doctor would have ordered alternative treatment if the patient did not require this specific cancer treatment.
  • We make the insurance company understand that proton therapy does more minor damage to healthy tissues than other traditional radiation treatments. 
  • We continue to work hard, making it clear to insurance companies and judicial systems that for an insurance company to deny a treatment that the doctors feel is best for the patient is shameful, immoral, and incorrigible. 

We are persistent in our endeavors to fight for your health and wellbeing. We are persistent in getting you the money you deserve, and the treatments your medical team believes are best for your circumstances. 

Call this seasoned and experienced bad faith insurance attorney in Edmond, OK, as soon as possible. We must hear your story and the facts of what is going on in your life. 

We cannot help you until we hear the facts of your case. Your call to our law office is a free, no-obligation consultation. 

We hold insurance companies accountable for their actions.