There are many people throughout the United States who suffer from erectile dysfunction symptoms. The main symptom is the lack of erection during sexual intercourse and there are many different causes to the issue. Due to this issue, it can cause other debilitations like relationship stress and lack of confidence. This condition is something that is found to be very common among men and there are over 3 million cases that are diagnosed each year. When something negatively impacts your health, it is important to understand what the next steps are that you should take to stop your suffering before it gets worse. 

Start By Seeing Your Doctor 

When you first start noticing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, start by setting up an appointment to see your family doctor or primary care provider. They can help assist with diagnosing the problem and determine if what you are dealing with is really mens health erectile dysfunction. Your doctors will most likely conduct a physical exam to evaluate nerve-endings. There also may be a series of various blood tests and urine tests to look for any underlying health conditions that may be contributing to the issue. Along with these tests, doctors may screen you during a psychological evaluation for anxiety and depression related problems. 

Treatments and Medications

Many treatments and medications have been proven to be effective when trying to find solutions for erectile dysfunction. After seeing your doctor, they will prescribe any treatment they feel is necessary for any underlying health issues that may be contributing to the problem. Some less invasive treatments to help with your symptoms could be to stop smoking. Smoking and erectile dysfunction have been directly linked together. Being physically active can also help aid in the problem as carrying more weight can have a negative effect on erectile functions. In some cases it has shown that being overweight can actually cause erectile dysfunction, so that is something you should want to remedy. Avoid drinking or drug usuage as this could worsen it as well. After attempting these treatments, doctors may turn to medications to hopefully benefit you. Medication, such as viagra, can help to assist in erectile functions and keep the symptoms of dysfunction at bay. 

Counseling For Long Term Results

One contributing factor to these issues is relationship struggles or problems. A doctor can help identify certain problems if these are pertinent factors and can suggest and refer you to a specialist to help you handle relationship problems. Other contributing psychological problems could include stress (in your relationship, work, life, etc.), anxiety or depression, or tension in areas of your life. All of these factors could be contributing to your symptoms. Many people deal with these issues and they can begin to impact other parts of your life. When they start to interfear with your sexual and personal life, you know it is time to get help. A counselor could help you to work through any of these trials and set you up for long-term success in the future. Definitely check out mens health erectile dysfunction if you suffer from any symptoms and know that help is a lot closer than you think.