Class C is the most common size RV that you see on the road and in the national parks. This size seems to be perfect for couples as well as small families that like to camp and travel.

With so many to choose from, finding the best Class C RV can feel overwhelming. If you feel that way, check out this guide to help you in your search for the perfect rig. 

The Best Class C RV For Your Money

For many people, the RV buying process begins with deciding what your budget will be for this purchase. Because RVs can vary greatly in price, writing down a top budget will help you from spending too much.

Class C RVs are nice because you can drive them and you do not have to buy a separate vehicle to haul your rig as you would with a pop-up camper, fifth wheel, or travel trailer. A good way to find what RV suits your needs the best is to rent a trailer Toronto before buying one. That way, you’ll get first hand experience and opinions from others won’t determine your decision.  And, you can put that extra money into your RV fund.

Once you have your budget nailed down, you can move on to the next topic.

How Class C RVs Vary 

The Class C RV is probably the most sought-after because of its size and affordability. Even though the title says it’s a Class C RV, one can vary so greatly to the next Class C on the lot.

For a family with small children, an RV with plenty of beds and living space is necessary. Yet, for someone who will be traveling with their motorcycle or ATV a toy hauler with a garage space in the rear would be ideal.

The length of Class Cs range from 21 to 41 feet long, with the most common length being 25-25 feet. Weight also fluctuates from 10,000 lbs to about 20,000 lbs dry.

As for the number of beds- you typically get one “master” bed, which is a full or queen, and sleeps two people. The other sleeping quarters are fold-out or conversion beds from the dining space, pull-out couch beds, or above the cab sleepers, and you can usually sleep up to 6 people comfortably depending on size.

Of course, if you get creative, you can create extra beds for guests to join you on your journeys. The more the merrier!

New or Used

This is another major deciding factor when buying an RV. Do you want a brand new or a pre-owned model?

They both have their pros and cons. Some people prefer everything to be brand new and have the confidence of that new RV warranty, while others prefer a more worn-in and more affordable model.

The Top 5 Tips

Here is a summary of the top 5 tips for choosing the right Class C RV for you:

  • 1. Decide on your budget
  • 2. Rule out other types of RVs and trailers
  • 3. What length and weight are right for you? 
  • 4. How many beds will you need?
  • 5. Are you buying new or used?

These are the basics that you can start with. Make a list of your answers to these questions, followed by your needs, wants and preferences of things like colors, styles, flooring material, and other various items that you might have noticed that you like or dislike while looking at RVs.

Your Class C Motorhome

The idea of having an RV is exciting, but shopping for one can be a mixture of emotions. Knowing what is available and comparing it to what you want and don’t want will make the process of choosing the best Class C RV so much easier.

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