SBI Clerk and SBI PO exams are the two premier exam for Banks Staff Selection Board that every aspirant has to clear to get a job in the State Bank of India (SBI). If you want to crack these exams in 2022, you need some tips to help you study and prepare better so that five stars wouldn’t be difficult at all.

There are two phases of preparation for the SBI Clerk 2022. The first phase involves the Prelims exam while the second phase involves the Mains exam. This article offers tips to follow while preparing for the exams. 

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Tips to Crack SBI Exam for PO and Clerk

Given elbow in this article are the tips to crack the SBI Clerk and Prelims exam. If you are preparing for the SBI PO Exam then, there is a high chance that you will be able to qualify the SBI Clerk exam as well. The standard of the SBI PO exam is very high tha demands 100% sincerity and dedication.

  • There is always a lot of thinking involved in cracking the exams, and it needs to be done on time, leaving no scope for error or a last-minute rush.
  • Pay attention to sample papers or previous years’ question papers before you start working on your preparation. This will give you an idea about how difficult the questions are and what areas need more focus.
  • Don’t yield to the pressure of scoring. Making the cut-off is not everything. If you crack the exam but are scoreless, your expectations will be your score forever. So it’s always advisable to aim for a score that you feel confident about.
  • Keep yourself motivated and never lose hope until the last date of submitting applications for both exams.
  • Don’t take an exam lightly. It’s common for candidates to take the exam without studying enough. This is not an excellent way to take an exam, as you will be stressed out and panic when you don’t get the desired results.

Skill Development:

Clarity of thought and confidence should be your key focus areas for both exams. You need to develop your skill sets in these areas during your preparation as it will help you crack any competitive exam in future.

Here are some tips which may help candidates develop their skill sets:

  • Learn basic reasoning, which includes solving puzzles, sentence completion and making a series of objects.
  • Learn the perfect technique of reading and decoding complicated paragraphs.
  • Learn the art of speed reading.
  • Learn to prioritize tasks effectively to achieve a target.

Exam Strategy:

Your exam strategy should be based on how quickly you can finish the exam, as there is no point in attempting everything or completing everything. Your time management will help you get a good score and improve your chances of making the cut-off.

Here are some tips for managing time while solving question papers:

  • Learn to read the questions carefully without any bias or assumptions. This will help you understand what the question is all about, saving you valuable time while attempting the question paper.
  • Learn to tick answers as you go, one by one. This will save you time.
  • Always learn to use all available marks correctly. For example, if a question carries two spots and two correct answers, select both of them without fail.
  • If a question is based on reasoning or requires critical thinking, first find out what is given in the passage and then deduce what is needed. This will help save your time from attempting things not asked in the question paper.

In conclusion, it’s essential to build a good study approach, keep your mind clear and manage time effectively. This article has given some simple tips that should help you crack the exams and help you lead a happy, stress-free exam life. It would help if you have a comprehensive understanding of the exam pattern, syllabus and question paper, which can be achieved by preparing yourself through proper guidance from a good academy. 

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