Is astronomy your favourite subject? Are you passionate about finding fascinating facts about celestial object? Do you enjoy learning about the solar and other systems? You must be excited about the latest astronomical event.

This report contains the estimated time of a celestial encounter. Astronomy enthusiasts across the United States would love to witness this event. You can read this account to learn What time is the Meteor Shower Tonight.

What Time Was The Latest Meteorshower?

Tau Herculids was the most recent meteor shower to pass Earth. It occurred between May 30, 20,22, night, and May 31, 2020, early morning. It happened at 10 pm on West Coast, and 1 AM on East Coast.

The lunar cycle is currently at its new moon phase. This means that the moonlight didn’t dominate this occurrence. However, you might want to mark the calendar for next year’s meteor showers if the tau Herculids show has not been seen.

What time is Meteor Shower May 30- 2022

The exact time that the meteor shower took place on Monday, May 30, 20,22, at 10 p.m. on the West Coast of North America was 10. You might have seen it if you were on the East Coast. It was 1 AM on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

Scientists have previously indicated that the meteor shower could be caused by broken comet debris. There are many meteorshelters that can be seen with the naked eye. Many people searched the Internet to find What Time is the Meteor Shower Tonight, as this occurrence was predicted to brighten up sky on new moon night.

What does the Tau Herculids Shower look like?

The subject comet’s official name is SW3 or 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann. Arno Arnold Wachman and Arnold Schwassmann both from Germany saw this comet in the 1930s. NASA tracked the comet once more in the 1970s, 1990s, but it was broken into several fragments.

SW3 once again passed Earth’s area in 2006, but was split into seventy pieces. Even though the shower was in fragmented form people still eagerly waited for it to pass Earth’s vicinity again in 2006. However, it was eventually broken into nearly seventy pieces. What time is a meteor shower May 30 2022researchers searched the web.

What’s a Meteor Shower Anyway?

A meteor shower is formed from the debris of a comet or asteroid. These are celestial bodies that orbit in the same trajectories as their stars. Debris can fall at great velocity towards planets due to collision or breaking down.

The enormous frictional heat produced when entering the Earth’s atmosphere mostly causes objects to burn, but leaves the light behind. This light is what people see in the night skies. If the object does not fully burnt, it may fall on Earth’s crust like a meteorite.


What time is the Meteor Shower Tonight in 2022?is answered by this article. These showers can be difficult to find.