Organizations that run on one or more systems such as Blackbaud CRM, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Financial Edge NXT or Salesforce for Nonprofits can benefit from having central hub for cross-platform integration. Omatic Cloud connects systems in use for managing donor relations and fundraising, making accurate and uniform data available across these services. Find out how nonprofit software for integration can help organizations maximize the utility of a Raiser’s Edge database or donor data stored on any other platform.

What Is Omatic Cloud?

The Omatic cloud is a set of data integration solutions that simplify data entry, management and analysis. This platform is designed to work with leading constituent management software platforms by Blackbaud and Salesforce. Cloud-based utilities such as ActionOmatic, Connector for Marketing Cloud, FindOmatic, ImportOmatic, ScorOmatic and SegmentOmatic can be used to perform essential functions across platforms. All of these tools are particularly useful for organizations that rely on more than one software platform for donor relationship management, fundraising or financial reporting.

ActionOmatic streamlines action management across systems and facilitates the automation of essential functions. Connector for Marketing Cloud integrates donor databases to facilitate email marketing campaigns. FindOmatic makes records searchable across systems, while ImportOmatic simplifies data imports across systems to ensure that the most current information is available for fundraising or operational management. ScorOmatic and SegmentOmatic empower organizations to make more informed targeted requests.

How This Integration System Can Create Seamless Data Flow

One of the benefits of using an integration platform designed especially for the needs of a nonprofit is that this system accounts for all of the most essential details. Specific types of information such as contact information, donation records and demographic details about constituents or leads may be needed across platforms at particular points in the workflow of a not-for-profit initiative.

Titan Surveys is an app for survey integrated with salesforce with easy to use features.

A cloud-based integration solution can ensure that organizational stakeholders have access to data when and where it is needed most. Options for automating record creation, imports and exports make it possible for data to flow seamlessly across services. After a relatively brief implementation process, an organization can count on the effortless availability of critical information.

Support for the Leading Nonprofit Software

Blackbaud offers several of the most popular systems used in the nonprofit sector. An integration solution that supports platforms such as Altru, Blackbaud CRM, Financial Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT can process records from these services and ensure that any critical data is also available if needed on platforms such as the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. As each of these systems stores donor and donation information in slightly different formats, integration software is necessary to access the same data across platforms.

No matter which software an organization uses, an integration solution can be helpful for ensuring that data is available across all platforms. Siloed data is less useful and more likely to become outdated without regular updates. Setting up an integration solution to regularly import, export or update records and relying on utilities that can improve the accuracy and completeness of records should enhance the ability of any nonprofit to attain fundraising success.