To be healthy we need to protect our immune system since it is our defence against viruses, toxins and bacteria. For this, there are natural supplements that will help you prevent and increase your defences.

In every season of the year, we should have a good habit of taking some natural supplements. Thus we help to raise the defences and prevent the most common disorders at that time.

In this way, we would save ourselves after having to fight diseases with stronger medications. We would also avoid suffering symptoms for longer periods.

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Raise defences or heal later

Natural medicine teaches us the great benefits of preventing instead of curing. That is, to raise the defences and strengthen the immune system. Thus, our organism will be prepared to face any pathogen, be they viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.

Each person knows what their weaknesses are at the health level. It is also known what are the disorders that most people suffer from more frequently at each time of the year. With that, we have great help to start preventing earlier.

Unlike conventional medicine, natural medicine does offer us a wide variety of medicinal supplements that we can take before we get sick.

When and how are the supplements taken?

Although each supplement has its specifications, most usually have doses to treat diseases and lower doses for maintenance. The latter would be the most appropriate to take as a preventive measure unless we are already suffering from the first symptoms.

Ideally, you should start taking the supplement at least two weeks before the change of season. If the weather is already changing, we can start even earlier.

We will take the remedies for three to four weeks. If we already have some symptoms, we can repeat the preventive treatment.

Supplements for each season

Below we review the best supplements for each time of year.


As winter approaches, we must focus on raising our defences, especially to prevent flu, colds and any disorder of the respiratory system. It is also very convenient to take supplements with purifying properties. These can help us to eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body in a progressive way.

These are the best winter remedies:

  • Propolis:  It is the best natural antibiotic. As preservation, we will take 5 drops 3 times a day. If we started to get sick we could take 5 drops every hour.
  • Garlic:  It is also a very powerful natural antibiotic. We can take it raw or in capsules if we have trouble digesting it.
  • Algae:  They are very remineralizing and purifying foods. They are taken in combination with stews or as a supplement.
  • Lemon:  One of the most beneficial fruits to raise defences and eliminate toxins, especially if we consume its peel (as long as the lemon is organic).


“Spring is coming and the blood is altered,” says the saying. It appears the allergies, fatigue, hair falls out, etc. For this reason, we recommend two supplements that we can combine and take every day in the morning:

  • Pollen:  Bee pollen is a superfood that provides great energy, boosts the immune system, regulates metabolism and prevents anaemia.
  • Wheat germ: It is rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Increases vitality and improves hair and skin health.


Summer is the only season of the year in which we do not need to take supplements to prevent diseases since we have within our reach a great variety of fruits that contain everything we need.

At this time we should drink homemade juices and smoothies with seasonal fruits and vegetables, and that they will provide us with vitamins, minerals, water and fibre. In this way, we will provide our body with a much-needed cleaning to face autumn.


In autumn the defences are weakened because the change in temperature together with the return to routine. It requires adaptation in many ways. For this reason, we recommend taking these two supplements from late summer:

Brewer’s yeast: It provides you with a large number of nutrients and it improves our appearance in a very visible way.

Vitamin C: One of the best vitamins that we should always take to prevent disease and improve organ health.