Sweating can be a concern and a source of embarrassment when the heat is on or emotions are high. During exercise, there are many approaches to deal with sweating:

Clothing to thwart sweat. Choose light, breathable, cotton-like fabrics, Glaser says. Splurge on apparel for athletics. Clothing for athletes has changed in recent years, with new breathable fabrics, Glaser says. Look for those who wick the moisture away. Usually, the labels feature the fabric features prominently. Once you wear it. Don’t put on a t-shirt or sweat-soaked bike shorts. To stay dry, you need to start out dry. Your skin, too, is going to thank you. Change footwear regularly. Be sure to change your shoes and socks regularly if sweaty feet are a specific issue. Make sure to note that excessive sweating may also be the cause of athlete’s foot. Dust the sweat free. To retain foot moisture and sweat at a minimum, use powders intended for the feet. Coupled with all the sport and after iontophoresis machine treatment, you can use all the following


You thought this one was for children only … But a perfect way to work up a sweat is skipping rope! Skipping rope, a long-time favorite of boxers, is an impressive aerobic exercise. Just 15 minutes of rope skipping is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. For one hour, you can burn up to 725 calories by skipping rope. Balance and body coordination are also improved by skipping rope. Your lower body will work while toning your arms, shoulders, back and abs. You’ll easily work up a sweat and tone the glutes and thighs at the same time. How have you been able to say no to that? Use Iontophoresis machine with this type of sports


Work your heart, increase endurance and lung capacity, increase strength with one single activity in your calves, thighs, glutes, back and abs: cycling! It’s a full exercise of cardio that burns a maximum of calories and helps you to sweat. In just one hour, you can sweat up to 1/3 of a litre! Find the right speed for you-no need to push it, no matter how hard you go, you’ll see results. Start slowly and increase the speed progressively. For better health, pedal your way! Use iontophoresis machine together with this treament


Did you know that when you run for an hour, you will lose up to a litre of water-and burn around 900 calories-? You also get a strong aerobic workout, increase the capacity of your lungs, and get rid of body stress. With all that, finding an excuse not to lace up is hard! At first, it may be tough to go, but after a few runs, you’ll be hooked. For inspiration, a little tip: try running with your mp3 player. Investing in a treadmill for those who want to run without leaving the building. And after every race, don’t forget to stretch. After your workout, it is a perfect way to cool down.

The solution to sweaty hands also depends on the sport. To beat back sweat beads, gymnasts like to use chalk on their palms, and Olympian Jonathan Horton has also combined honey with chalk to keep his hands on the parallel bars dry and sticky. Baseball players cover their bats with pine tar, and tennis players use waterproof tape to cut down on the interference that sweaty hands can inflict on their racquet handles. If you don’t have any chalk or honey available, try a little talcum powder to extract the moisture from your hands. Cornstarch also serves to remove sweat from his palms. If you cant see any change, use iontophoresis machine.