Ask yourself, what size bicycle is right for my height? Don’t know how to measure it? Well, no worries. Give it a read and clear out your confusion!

One of the reasons why people prefer to avoid buying bikes online is the bike size. Although you might think it’s not a big factor, it actually is! Back pain, pain in knee joints, and low performance are the results of choosing the wrong-sized bicycles.

For choosing the right-sized bicycles, you need to consider a few things. Yes, it can be confusing, but trust me, you can purchase bicycles online right from your home with proper guidelines and some simple steps.

So if you’re wondering what size bicycle is right for my height, we got you covered. This article is for all the bicycles lovers who want to pick the right-sized bicycles for them. Besides, we’ll also share some pro tricks and tips so that you can solve any existing problem related to bicycle size. So, let’s begin…

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Why Should You Choose a Right-Sized Bicycle?

Bicycles come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the rider. Besides, there are different types of bicycles for different purposes as well. These bicycles are made differently for achieving different heights!

As a regular rider, you might think there are mainly two types of bicycles. One is for the children, and the other is for the elders. But what if we tell you there are more than 10 types of bicycles. Surprised, right? Well, that’s obvious. Among these types, road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX are quite common.

As there are so many bicycles models, there are so many purposes behind them as well. You cannot use a BMX for mountain riding and mountain bikes for other purposes: the reason being their body structure, materials, and heights.

If you look closely, you’ll find some bicycles have long handles, some have a wide frame with wide tires, and some have a compact shape. Alongside the shapes, their size and height also differ. 

Here are some of the cons of choosing a wrong-sized bicycle-

  • Back Pain: Almost all the riders can feel this. Bicycle riding is quite challenging, especially if you’re riding it for a long time. Almost all the riders have faced back pain problems at least once in their life.
  • Joint Pain: Riding a wrong-sized bicycle is one of the key reasons for joint pains, especially pain in knee joints. Whenever you’re using./riding a wrong-sized bike, your joints need to provide extra effort to keep it going, and that’s where the problem arises.
  • Performance: If you’ve heard about aerodynamics or have an idea about how it works, you’ll realize why using a proper bike is essential. Using the wrong bike will ultimately reduce your efficiency, and as a result, your performance will be hampered. 
  • Accident: Yes, you heard it right. Severe accidents can occur for riding a wrong-sized bike, and we’re not even aware of it. Suppose your bike; ’s brake isn’t working. So how would you stop your cycle? Obviously, with the help of your legs. But what if you’re using an oversized bike and your legs can reach the ground properly? So that’s why using the right-size bike is essential.

Finding the Right-Sized Bicycle

As you already know, there are tons of types of bicycles. To make the steps easy and for better understanding, we’ll show you how to find bicycle sizes for 4 types of bikes. We believe this will cover most of the users and will come in extremely handy for them.

  • Basic Size Chart
Rider’s HeightFrame Size of Bicycle
4’11” To 5’3”13-15”
5’3” to 5’7”15-16”
5’7” to 5’11”16-17”
5’11” to 6’2”17-19”
6’2” to 6’4”19-21”
More than 6’4”21+”
  • Advanced Size Chart (For Mountain Bikes)
Rider HeightLeg Inseam (inch)Frame Size (suggested) inchesWheel Size (suggested) inches
4’10” To 5’3″25-28″13-14”26”
5’4″ to 5’7″25-30″15-16”26”
5’7″ to 5’9″26-31″16-17”27.5”
5’9″ to 6′27-32″17-18”27.5”
6′ to 6’3″28-33″18-19”29”
More than 6’3″29-34”19’+29”
  • Size Chart (Road Bikes)
Rider HeightLeg Inseam (inch)Frame Size (suggested) cmSize 
4’10” To 5′25-28″47-48 XXS
5′ to 5’3″25-30″49-50 XS
5’3″ to 5’6″26-31″51-53S
5’6″ to 5’9”27-32″54-55 M
5’9” to 6′28-33″56-58 L
6′ to 6’3” 29-34”58-60 XL
  • Size Chart (Kids Bikes)
Rider HeightLeg Inseam (inch)Wheel Size (suggested) inches
2’9″ To 3’1″12-14″10”
3’1″ to 3’3″14-17″12”
3’4″ to 3’8″16-20″14”
3’8″ to 4′20-22″16”
4′ to 4’5″22-24″20”
More than 5’28”+26”

Ways to Fix a Wrong-Sized Bike

Although we highly recommend buying a right-sized bicycle for riders, what if you have already bought one? Well, no worries. Remember, we told you we’re gonna share some pro tips and tricks? Well, now’s the time!

Fix Existing Bicycle Problems: Pro Tips and Tricks

When the Bicycle is Small

  • If the bicycle is small in size compared to your height, you should try out a saddle post that is longer than average. Choose one with the proper diameter. Typically, choosing a 350mm seat post is enough in most cases.
  • You can always adjust the saddle position of your bicycle to have a proper riding experience. Position it according to your comfort

When Bicycle is Too Big

  • When the bicycle is too large, you can try out a shorter seat post or can cut off the extra part as well
  • Position the saddle according to your need also come in handy in this case too
  • If the bicycle is too big, try out a shorter stem. Even an extra inch has an adverse effect on the riding experience.


So that’s it when it comes to choosing the right height for your bicycle. We always recommend buying a bicycle by going to the shop physically. But in case it’s not possible, you can always take the help of your guide. Yes, we understand it’s a little complicated to find bicycle heights in this way. But trust me, we tried to make the guide as easy and less complicated as possible. 

So from next time, if someone comes to you and asks what size bicycle is right for my height, show them this guide and let them decide for themselves!