Well, you might have heard or come across a lot about Ben Shapiros sister. Well, she is Abigail Shapiro who is an Opera singer. She was lately harassed by anti-Semitic trolls on the web for no other reason but the fact that she is the sister of Ben Shapiro’s.

The thing is Abigail Shapiro posts different videos of her performances on the platform called YouTube and posts justly regularly on Twitter as well. But she has not externally broadcasted her relationship to her brother Ben Shapiro. It is the reason that she says she got surprised when the trolls began toharassher. 

Brutal comments

Some of the many comments that was aimed at Shapiro had been very grisly and troubling. Moreover, unfortunately they are the kind of things that folks often send to others online under the appearance of anonymity, and because it actually is not needed for people to give their individuality before saying things online. Being the sister of Ben Shapiro, she got to hear things such as “I wish to forcibly touch her, cut off her head, and even send it to that of Ben.”

About this suffering, Abigail Shapiro simply put about manifold things. She said that people now have a good idea about her and perhaps, now she has to go through such unfortunate things for the rest of her life. She even mentions that people sending her gross stuff. She would rather it not be something she deal with privately. Her name is going to get linked with Ben’s at this moment or even that of down the line.

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A Talented Lady

Though the sister of Ben Shapiro may have a brother that is somewhat controversial and seems to always be in the attention, she is absolutely talented herself and has a lively and amazing voice that she uses differently from that of her brother’s.She is a budding artist, and she has that talent that makes her who she is. But unfortunately, the shadows of her brothers have already started flickering on her.

Actually, Abigail Shapiro is an amazing opera singer, as already pointed or mentioned before, but many people might not know that this talented young woman is also a well-known youtuber and her channel is known as ‘Classically Abby’. It needs to be understood that the sister of Ben Shapiro is not simply the sister of a famous or popular person, she is quite famous and well-known herself, and has more than 53.4K subscribers who religiously and dedicatedly watch her videos. Of course, if you don’t agree you can check her work out as well. Once you hear her melodious voice, you would know how talented she is and how unfortunately she has been getting trolled because of getting known as the sister of a controversial brother.


So, this post has already acquainted you with many of the things related to the sister of Ben Shapiros and you do have your own take on it. It is sufficient to know about her and to develop a thought about this talented lady.