When choosing a toupee, you need to remember that you will have to take care of it. This means the hairpiece needs to be washed, cleaned, and maintained. In most cases, you will find that users prefer to purchase hairpieces made with human hair. The primary reason is that these hairpieces can be managed and styled similar to natural hair. Not to mention the other benefits. This makes the toupees perfect non surgical hair replacement pieces. But with that said, a synthetic hairpiece is also an option, especially if you don’t want to splurge or have the budget currently.

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Here are some of the features of synthetic and human hair toupees:

  1. Natural look and feel

A human hair toupee is made with real human hair, giving it a completely natural look and texture. A well-made synthetic toupee will look very similar to a human hair toupee, but you can quickly feel the difference if you put your hand through the strands on the toupee. A human hair toupee will have the soft, natural, and silky feel of human hair. But a synthetic toupee will have a rougher feel to it. No matter how perfectly it is made, you can easily distinguish a synthetic toupee once you touch it. So if you are looking for a hairpiece that offers you a natural look and feel, you have to opt for one made with human hair.

  1. Long-lasting

When comparing the longevity of a hairpiece, you cannot beat one made using human hair. These are ideal hair pieces for men because you will find they last you a lot longer. You might have to get it reinstalled every month (depending on the base), but you can use them for longer periods of time compared to synthetic systems. These toupees can be cleaned, washed, and shampooed much like your natural hair to ensure their longevity. All you need to do is purchase a good quality toupee made with human hair, and you will find that it will last for many years.

  1. Easy to style

When you purchase a toupee, you want to ensure that the hairpiece is easy to style. Synthetic and human hair toupees can both be styled, but you will find that the ones made with synthetic strands lack versatility. Moreover, the synthetic toupees do not support various styles, and you will have to choose from a select few. Additionally, synthetic hair cannot be used with heat styling products nor can they be dyed or colored. However, if you purchase a toupee made with human hair, you can gel and style them as per your requirements. Moreover, the strands will not droop, or the hair on the toupee will not become frizzy as much when you are done styling. With synthetic  hair, there is more maintenance required to keep the hair healthy and natural looking.


In conclusion,  toupees made from human hair are objectively better than the ones made from synthetic hair. The only caveat is that human hair toupees are usually more expensive, sometimes significantly. But while you are making a purchase, it is essential to consider your requirements and the investment you want to make, and in the case of a hairpiece, it is no different. If you need hair in the short term and don’t want to spend hundreds, you are more than welcome to go for a synthetic hairpiece. Therefore, evaluate what you want from the hairpiece and buy one that meets your requirements and needs.

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