Skip bins Adelaide is a skip hire company that has been in operations for many years. It provides skip bins to people who need them all over Australia. The skip bins are available in different sizes and colors, which makes it easier for you to choose the Best Price Skip Bins one that suits your needs best. In this , we will go through items you should never put in the skip bin as they may cause it to overflow or break down before its time. Skip Hire Chorley is really a great solution to manage your construction or home waste. It makes your work easier.

Items That Company Never Allow To Put In Skip Bins:

  • -The skip bins companies do not accept the material that is wet or contains liquid.
  • -food items like meat, fish and vegetables. The skip bins hire company will not accept foods if they have a high chance of spilling over the skip bin’s edge during transport. They only accept food items when they are well wrapped up in packaging and placed inside a sealed box.
  • -They does not recommend placing any liquids on top of your waste materials as these may spill out into other trash sacks while being transported to the landfill site which can cause contamination among different types of wastes with unknown effects on our environment .They recommends keeping some space at the bottom (around 25%) for adding more material such as Styrofoam peanuts or scrap paper so it doesn’t become too heavy and cause damage to the skip bin.
  • They do not recommend placing any recyclable materials in a skip bin as it may contaminate other waste such as paper or plastics . They recommend that instead, you place all your recyclables into their respective recycling bags which can be left at the curb on collection day so they are picked up by our team without being mixed with other trash. If there is no room for these items inside of your house then go ahead and put them out next to your garbage bag mixed with regular household waste (not in an outside container).
  • They don’t accept liquids from old tubs, Ikea furniture, broken TVs etc. because it poses safety risks during skip bin hire. They do not recommend putting anything that’s been sprayed with a strong chemical such as pesticides into skip bins because it will contaminate other items in the skip bin and make them unsafe for people to use, or they may be caught on fire when disposed of at an incinerator .
  • They will skip over anything that seems to be an unknown liquid, such as a container of wet paint or plaster. They don’t accept any liquids in the skip bin, including solvents and chemicals. Skip Hire Bolton providing a reliable solution for disposing of waste products safely and efficiently.
  • They does not accept Bricks/blocks that are broken but still recognizable as a whole piece • Any skip bin content that is deemed to be just “too big”.
  • Liquid waste (hazardous materials) • Mis created garbage from food preparation • Garden refuse containing soil and plants • Furniture made with wood or metal frames (unless there is plastic covering on the frame; for example IKEA furniture) • Large pieces of concrete/concrete blocks and bricks bigger than two feet by two feet. This is because they may not be able to withstand the weight or pressure that will come from these objects when placed inside the skip bin. 

Please note: skip bins Adelaide cannot accept hazardous materials, such as paints and chemicals. For safe disposal of these items we recommend you contact your local council or waste management company.