Sexual harassment seems to be a very hard nut to crack most especially when adequate measures arr not taken to curb the situation at such times. Notwithstanding, if you find yourself in a situation as risky as this, then there are things you can do to arrest the situation.

(What Should I Do in Response to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?)

In a bid to respond to a case of sexual harassment there are some things you need to do. Stay glued!

Things To Do In Response To A Case Of Sexual Harassment 

Confide in a person

A confidant should be someone you trust and not just any random individual that comes your way. This is a very sensitive case and therefore should be treated as such. Confide in someone you can trust and won’t make you feel like you have committed a crime thereabout. Open up completely about the whole issue and even the instances when such an event has occurred.

Cautiously avoid the person

This is very important as you should take every step necessary to ensure that you avoid the person totally. Do not stay in the office space alone with such a person. If possible, do not go to enclosed spaces alone. Tag along with somebody so you do not get caught off guard. 

Speak to the Admin or HR

Every company has an administrator or human resource manager that would see to cases like this. When you find out that it is becoming a repetitive occurrence, it is important that you file a report to the admin or HR. The administrative body should be able to take it up from there since the person is a Co worker. You do not have to fret about the whole, make sure you take a step to report the action ASAP.

Make a public awareness if such a thing occurs in the office

If per adventure, such a thing happens again in the office then you’re in the position to make a scream or just find a way to leave the hands of your assaulter. And as you’re leaving, head straight to the police authorities. This way, they would be able to know the right thing to do.

State your terms clearly to the individual

For the first instance when things seem to start, it is very important to state out your terms clearly to the opposite sex that you do not have a love or sexual interest in him or her. The person harassing might feel you also have a sexual interest which is making him/her make the bad move but it is in your disposition to state it bluntly that you are not interested.

Leave the job if it does not get sorted out

Your mental health should be prioritized over any job. An environment where you are being sexually harassed is not a good work environment and it definitely would not help you carry out your work activities effectively. It is best to leave such an environment if you want to avoid the situation and also losing your sanity.