Are you a foreign investor looking to receive a U.S. Green Card and contribute to our economy? The eb5 regional center program can allow you to fulfill those goals through an investment that can lead to job creation.

Regional centers can provide you with many ways to help you achieve your goals. Here are the five parts of the EB5 process a regional center can help manage for you:

1. Meet The Targeted Employment Area (TEA) Provisions

Investors seeking an EB5 visa need to make an eligible investment of $1,050,000. For some rural or high-unemployment regions, you can qualify for a lower investment of $800,000. TEAs are regions that have average unemployment rates of 150% or more of the national average rate. They can include cities or towns with 20,000 residents or more living there.

Investors can find it tough to look for these types of areas by themselves. To help you overcome this burden, you can find an eb5 regional center in each TEA. These centers are there to help you meet the $800,000 threshold and allow you to start contributing to the U.S. economy.

2. Project Management in the EB5 Program

Under other visa programs, foreign investors must meet business costs like overhead expenses to fulfill their project demands. A regional center can help you overcome these problems and will take the needed steps for your project to succeed.

Regional centers can have large amounts of resources through capital from other member projects. They can have unique platforms and the required project management experience to help you make a positive impact.

3. Meet the Job Creation Provisions

Under the direct investment route, you’ll need to find a way to create and maintain 10 full-time jobs. These rules can be a hurdle for those without experience in the U.S. investment landscape and can delay the visa process. Paying the salary of those 10 workers may add another burden to new investors. 

Investing your capital through an eb5 regional center can help you get around these issues. The centers will use your funds to create jobs and pay the employees’ salaries. These actions can help indirectly meet the eb5 visa provisions and bring economic growth to the region. A regional center can handle the process to prove the creation of those jobs. 

As for your business venture, you can save time and expenses that can go to other efforts.

4. Opportunity To Be A Passive Business Partner

The main priority for many EB5 visa applicants and their immediate families is obtaining permanent residence in the U.S. Other people enjoy the prospect of running a business in a more passive role.

A regional center can give people who fall under those categories the option to be a limited business partner (LBP). Under the LBP, you can invest your funds and leave your project running in the hands of active people.

These options can help give you the time to meet other commitments while you invest in the project.

5. Option For Investors To Live Where They Prefer and Have Peace of Mind

When you partner with an EB5 regional center, you may not have to be limited to the project’s location when deciding where to live. In the LBP, you can gain the freedom to reside and work anywhere in the U.S. As for going abroad, you may also be able to spend as much time as you want outside the U.S.

Once it has been two years since the I-526 approval and you meet all provisions, you can be eligible for a permanent green card. You can apply for citizenship after a few years of having your Green Card. As for your investment, you can withdraw it after the two-year period concludes. Partnering with a regional center can give you more freedom and choice to explore other interests.

Choose An EB5 Regional Center That Will Help You Make A Positive Impact

As you decide on an EB5 regional center, choose one that has the best track record of success. A reliable center that stays in contact with you throughout the process can help bring you the best results. With a skilled team, you can be on track to be another immigrant success story.