Cancer is one of those nightmares you dread. Statistics show that roughly 63,000 lung cancer cases come up every year in India. Not to state the facts for each Method type like Skin Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, breast lump calcification, Cervical Cancer and more.

But according to a report published by NDTV, the number of cancer cases will become 15.7 lakh by 2025.

There’s one thing that is more dreadful than the disease itself. It bothers the patients and their families. It is the thought of not getting the correct treatment at the right stage.

As different types of cancers keep emerging, extensive research across the world to find cures and treatments go alongside.

Without beating around the bush, let’s talk about the new cancer treatment in India in detail.

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1.   Immunotherapy

This treatment has been the latest in the past few years.

We are already aware of the importance of a strong immune system when it comes to fighting the disease. Cancer attacks the immune system and evades it. In Immunotherapy, certain specific drugs are injected into the body through a saline infusion method.

This new cancer treatment helps in activating the immune system and evolves it. So your own body can fight the tumour cells and kill them. Doctors are using Immunotherapy to treat Lung cancers, Renal Cancers, Cervical Cancers, Brain tumours, Breast cancers.

Immunotherapy used on the right patient prolongs the survival rates of the patients. The only setback it has is the cost of cancer treatment is high in India.

    2. Targeted Therapy/Personalised Therapy/ Precision Medicine

Targeted therapy or personalised therapy, as the name depicts, is about administering to only a particular patient. It depends on the symptoms, condition, and area affected by cancer cells.

This new cancer treatment is specific to an individual.

It blocks the growth of the tumour cells.


It doesn’t allow the signals to enter the nucleus of the cell at the surface level itself. Even if they enter, the drugs given in the therapy can go into the nucleus and stop the Cancer signals. This new cancer treatment is treating Lung Cancers, Breast Cancers.

Some side effects of Immunotherapy like Allergic reactions, Diarrhea, Acne rash are less severe and controllable than Chemotherapy.

Chemotherapies lead to hair loss, mouth ulcers, vomiting and more side effects, which do not take place in Targeted Therapy. But this therapy is not an alternative to Chemotherapy. In some cases, it can be the only cancer treatment that works best. Often, both methods are used by Oncologists to fight cancer.

    3. Stem Cell Transplants

The capability of the stem cells to develop into different cell types is being used to treat cancer now, thanks to the scientific evolution spree human beings are on. This cancer treatment is also called a bone marrow transplant. The stem cells are either taken from the cancer patient or can come from a suitable donor. The most prefered donor is usually a family member. The stem cells taken are then frozen and used later during the therapy.

This treatment gives a new immune system in the form of stem cells from the donor. Thus, matching the donor is crucial so that there is no rejection of the transplanted graft.

Stem Cell transplant is treating Leukaemia (a type of blood cancer), Myeloma (forms in the WBC), Lymphoma (Infects lymphocytes), testicular cancers (occurs in the male organs). The main reason why Stem Cell Transplant for Cancer is still not that popular is its high treatment cost.

The cost of Stem Cell treatment can fall under the range of 15 lakh to 40 lakh.

    4. Hormone Therapy

This cancer treatment method uses the administration of hormones to stop the growth of cancer cells.

Why? Because certain types of cancers depend on the hormone to multiply.

Hormone therapy has been effective in blocking the cancer cells from growing further. Hormone therapy is treating cancers of the Breast and Prostate. Breast cancers involve hormones like Progesterone and estrogen. Whereas, Prostates involve hormones like testosterone and other male sex organs. This therapy uses pills, surgeries or injections. It is usually accompanied by other cancer treatments.

The side effects one faces with this therapy are different for men and women. Some symptoms that women face are nausea, mood changes, fatigue. Men may encounter hot flashes, diarrhea as after-effects. The Hormone Therapy cost in India can come under the range of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000 per month.

These cancer-curing treatments method we have discussed above are being used in India on a wide scale today. The new cancer treatment in India is proving to be effective and acceptable. People are going more for them as an alternative option than traditional cancer-curing methods. Cancer hospitals in India are at the forefront to use these treatments when it comes to giving a new life to cancer patients.

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